Vote To Play: Why you should choose Grow Home

By: Pete Young // Producer, Ubisoft Reflections:
Grow Home is coming to PlayStation 4 on 1st September. Yay! Even better, you get to decide if it’s going to be free for all PlayStation Plus members, as we’re featuring in the new Vote to Play campaign. We’d love your vote, and we’re excited to know what you think of the game!

Developing Grow Home has been a real adventure for us. It actually started as an experiment in procedural animation, but even in the early stages we could see a unique charm and personality coming from the way our character moved. The more we tinkered the more we felt compelled to try and build a game around it.

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Relientk771789d ago

This is what I'm voting for

SmokingMonkey1789d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

Me Too, I hope this voting thing catches on. Great move by Sony.

rdgneoz31789d ago

I'm going for Armello (a procedurally generated, night and day cylce, 8 customizable heroes, table top game with SP and MP). On steam, Grow Home is $8 and Armello is going to be $20. Not sure what Zombie Vikings is.

IamTylerDurden11788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

ZOMBIE VIKINGS was tentatively said to be 11.99 last yr, but 14.99 seems likely now since the game is much bigger than anticipated w/a 10-12hr campaign that can be played sp or up to 4 player co op, local or online. It has mp arenas as well. It's a big legit game.

I Voted ZOMBIE VIKINGS, it's a mix between Dragon's Crown and Castle Crashers but next-gen and a bigger production. It has a full story written by Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal writers, a Platinum Trophy as well.

ZOMBIE VIKINGS looks awesome, i'm buying it if it doesn't win.

raWfodog1789d ago

Yep, going to get my vote in as soon as I get home this evening. The game looks creative and very imaginative.

LordMaim1787d ago

Bah. Ubisoft has enough of my money. I'd rather a smaller studio gets the payout.

Plus, platforming games are hard enough to get right without them also being procedurally generated. The game just doesn't look appealing to me.

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MasterCornholio1788d ago

From your PS4. Probably through the store or just look at the whats new section.

captainexplosion1788d ago

I will vote for Zombie Vikings. Online MP, Co-op, 10 hr campaign, cool art style.

MasterCornholio1788d ago

We do violence we do violence

Vote for us vote for us.

Yeah I'm voting for that as well.


22CobraKing1788d ago

I already voted for zombie Vikings looks fun

uth111788d ago

I'm voting for Grow Home. All 3 look worthwhile games, but I'm sick of Zombies, and I have a feeling wouldn't play Armello much.

IamTylerDurden11788d ago

ZOMBIE VIKINGS already got my vote, it looks kickazz. You can vote from the What's New section on your PS4, just scroll down until you see an ad for the Voting, click on it then click vote now...and choose ZOMBIE VIKINGS.

ZOMBIE VIKINGS is the only game with real time combat, it has boss fights, story/cutscenes, loot, powers, upgradable abilities, sp, mp, online & local co op, platinum trophy. Dragon's Crown w/Vikings & humor as well as 6x the budget.

Grow home is a small 8$ game and is just a cheap pc port, looks cute, but ZOMBIE VIKINGS a big legitimate game.

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