Vote to Play Game Zombie Vikings Really, Really Wants Your Vote

A new trailer, new footage, even a twist ending - they're hoping all of this puts them over the top

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GrapesOfRaf1628d ago

This looks super fun, kinda like zombie Castle Crashers.

Godmars2901628d ago

That's because it is Castle Crashers. Just a different art style.

GrapesOfRaf1628d ago

Pretty much but I'm sure there are some differences to set it apart aside from just the art style.

christian hour1628d ago

yeah its pretty much castle crashers/battletoads/streetsof rage/goldenaxe/whicheveryouwant tochoose, obviously its more like castle crashers with the rpg and customizable elements, but they're just modern mechanics of old school games like the ones mentioned above.

I was kinda torn on what to vote for, at first I thought it was gonna be just between vikings and grow home for me, but then I read that armello (name?) was a cross between tactical card games, table top board games and role playing games... all of which I play with friends on a weekly basis... Was really hard to pick one. RELALY hard.

I went with grow home at the end, and currently it's gotten the most votes by quite a margin, xombie vikings is just a hairs breath ahead of armello.

MercilessDMercer1628d ago

I'm really liking this vote to play idea! Especially if it gives me Zombie Vikings!

uth111628d ago

I'm sick of Zombies! I'll vote for 'anything buy Zombie' this election :P

psychobabble1628d ago

Same here. I'm voting Grow Home.

Palitera1628d ago

Me too. Zombie Vikings in second.

christian hour1628d ago

This was what made me decide on grow home too, I was kinda torn between the two at first but figured I'd had enough of zombies for now. Armello sounds like my cup of tea too... wasn't an easy decision to make.

Even as I made my vote I was thinking "ugh, zombie vikings is probably gonna take it". I was really surprised when I saw the current standings after voting, Grow Home is ahead by quite a bit, vikings and armello are almost tied.

Scatpants1628d ago

I'm hoping it's this and grow home next month.

generic-user-name1628d ago

I don't think you understand how this works

christian hour1628d ago

unless he meant "i'm hoping its this and grow home [that get discounted] next month, [because I voted for Armello]."


Scatpants1628d ago

I guess not, I was under the impression that PS4 gets 2 Playstation Plus games a month. I guess the second game will be one we don't get to choose then.

MasterCornholio1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

We do violence we do violence.

Vote for us vote for us.

Hey Loki if I grow mushrooms on any part of my body would that make you hungry?

Yes I'm voting for this one.

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