EA: Star Wars: Battlefront Doesn't Have Single-Player Because People Don't Play Single Player

EA's Peter Moore discusses the possibility of ending the yearly FIFA boxes. He also states that according to EA's data, people don't play single-player in shooters and that's why Star Wars: Battlefront doesn't ship with a full-on single-player offering.

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lelo2play1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

People don't play single player for these types of games (COD or Battlefield) because it's crap.
Normally the single player is a sh***y story, running from one place to another, infested with explosions and shooting everything that moves.

suckingeggs1786d ago

Well id like to state then that I am not people..

etownone1786d ago

I'm wondering what I am too.. lol

I like the single player of cod/battlefield.

I must be an alien

lelo2play1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

Don't you guys think that EA have stats indicating that most people don't care for the single player aspect of games like COD or Battlefield.
You guys should really take a look at Steam stats for a game like COD. The amount of people that only play the mutiplayer (without ever touching single player) of COD might surprise you guys.

Most people purchase those games essentially for the multiplayer.

UKmilitia1786d ago

well i always complete story before i play online,i like to know why im playing online fights in the maps and the story shows u why and where they are.

screw you Peter Moore

nX1786d ago

I don't like the single player in CoD or Battlefield but I enjoy them in Killzone, Halo or Borderlands. If you are not good at telling a story you shouldn't do it though so it might have been a good decision to focus on multiplayer for Battlefront.

darksky1786d ago

Single player makes it more interesting. You get a story and the reason behind why you are fighting.

Look at Titanfall, no lore or story so feels kind of aimless.

medman1786d ago

Neither am I. I played a few of the Cod games, and I almost exclusively played the single player campaigns...

Forn1786d ago

$60 game without SP and 90% of MP content will be released as paid dlc... Yeah, screw you too EA. You're never getting my money.


lol... you guys are funny..

It's great that you enjoy the single player for games like Cod and BF.

It's wonderful that you still have an appreciation for single player in games that are so MP focused...

However on EA's spread sheet of charts and numbers, 3 or 4 N4G users who still play single player don't count for jackshit compared to the numbers who don't bother with single player, hence why they are not bothered about making one for Battlefront.

EA don't care that you still play single player, the guys in the suits that actually make the decisions are just interested in the numbers and sadly there are not enough of you to make up any meaningful number to them.

it's really as simple as that.

personally I prefer single player experiences over Mp in most games, but if EA have the data to back up their business choices who am I to argue with them.

AliTheSnake11786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

I personally love the campaigns in cod and Battlefield. It's like watching a summer blockbuster. But you are actually playing it.

One more thing; You can't use the "people don't play single player" excuse for not having a campaign, because People DO play single player, but let's assume they truly don't. You CAN still have a campaign that has optional coop, à la world at war, or the upcoming black ops 3.

abstractel1786d ago

I only play the SP campaigns and I enjoy them. I don't know how EA collects its data and how full proof it is.

Master of Unlocking1786d ago

Same here. I actually play the single player segment of a game long, long, long before delving into the multiplayer segment, because I think of video games as art, and just like with a movie I want an interesting scenario, dialogs, cutscenes and whatnot, so thank you EA for messing up what seemed to be the best Star Wars tie-in game ever made, really, thanks. Bah!

Ashlen1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

Translation: It costs money to make a single player and we wanted to make this game as cheaply as possible because we know there are tons of people who will buy anything we make with Star Wars in the title.

BeefCurtains1786d ago

They weren't paying attention to the huge Titanfall lash back?!?! So the devs are deciding what gamers want now, and I'm sure the game will still be full price.

Wh15ky1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

I always play the single player on those games, in fact I bought COD AW a couple of weeks ago and ive played through the campaign but haven't touched the MP yet.

I have always wondered why the SP doesn't concentrate on training you up for MP. Surely that could lead to more advanced types of MP modes where players know their roles and play as a team, instead of what happens in most MP shooters where the majority of players just run and gun, whilst trying to maintain a good K/D ratio.

My favourite MP shooter last gen was BF BC2, but I never learned how to fly the choppers, tried it a few times but found it quite tricky and it always ended in disaster so gave up because I knew how frustrating it was when you jumped in a chopper on the gun then realised a noob was piloting it. Now why on earth didn't the SP include a mission where you piloted a chopper to train you up?

starchild1786d ago

I play and enjoy single player portions of shooters too.

lameguy1786d ago

@leo - No, the only stats that EA has about single player is that "those people" only give them $60. The stats for multiplayer show that those guys tend to pay more than $60.

As a near exclusive SP gamer, I hope one day that EA and others will realize that they are now getting $0 from me instead of the $60 they would have gotten :-/ Probably not going to happen though.

gatormatt801786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

I think EA and DICE are really missing out on offering something really unique that only a Star Wars Battlefront game could achieve. Imagine playing a Star Wars single player campaign/story played through the eyes of multiple characters. Some levels are played as a Stormtrooper, others as the Rebel Alliance. You would also play as Boba Fett, Luke Skywalker, Vader, Han Solo and many others as well. Each character offers different play mechanics and styles which would be really fresh and welcomed imho.

Baka-akaB1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )


Not that i really disagree with your stance , but honestly a sp only guys got not much business with any Battlefront game anyway .

I'm sure a few people still enjoyed those , and EA should have made the effort to include it officially anyway ... but Battlefront never had the kind of campaign some people are lamenting here .

Tidbits of plots here and there , for missions that felt essentially like a tutorial for the mp or the mp with bots .

Which is , i remind you , still there in the game : MP missions playable offline or in coop with bots

Pretty much all Star wars games were sp centric , except a few titles like the Battlefront serie . And Disney will obviously milk the franchise through various degree of focus and quality , so it's not as if people wont get plenty other chances to have SP centric Star Wars games .

Hell isnt Amy Hennig , of Uncharted fame , directing precisely one for EA ?

thekhurg1786d ago

Same. I never play the mutiplayer of CoD or BF - but always try to grab each one for the single player experience.

But I'm not their target market since I don't get those games at launch for full price.

nyzma231786d ago

this is like titanfall all over again

brish1786d ago

I play single player. I guess this game isn't for me.

BattleAxe1785d ago

Most recently, I actually enjoyed the single player campaign for CoD: Advanced Warfare, more than the multi-player.

PX541785d ago

I just cut out the middle man and don't play FPS games in general - seriously there's been no improvements for over 10 years, why would I want to keep spending X-amount of money each year for the same recycled crap with a new cover...

bouzebbal1785d ago (Edited 1785d ago )

are they serious about this? couldn't find a better way to justify lack of SP? SP doesn't fit with this game or multiplayer is a big part of the game...
EA will remain EA, the worst company in the world. They will never learn that it's about what people want and not what they want to give people. Obviously a no buy, online games make me sick.
And remind me you "Mooron", when was last time a 100% online game won the GOTY?

hay1785d ago (Edited 1785d ago )

"Battlefront doesn't have single players because people don't play shitty single player"

Fixed EA, you're welcome.

In other words:

1. Make single player shitty.
2. Claim that people do not play your shitty single player therefore you won't make it.
3. ???
4. Profit.

OB1Biker1785d ago

Title is misleading people though and I think many are still confused and dont know it has a single player mode , even though no single player campaign.

donthate1785d ago

I wonder if Battlefront is going to get the same hate that Titanfall did?

Or is it going to be glossed over, because it is on the PS4 platform as well.

Personally, I enjoyed Titanfall so much, that if Battlefront delivers on the multiplayer I could care less about lack of single player. Would love to have it, but the games makes up for it in other areas, I'm fine with it.

Gonna try it for free and with early access via Xbox One exclusive EA Access. If I like it, will buy it at a discount!


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-Foxtrot1786d ago

Well what about if they actually put effort into it. The Star Wars Universe is way more interesting then COD or Battlefield so a lot of people would have a huge interest if they made, and didn't half arse the single player like they do in Battlefield and Actvision do with COD.

iSuperSaiyanGod1786d ago

If you can't think of a kick ass Star Wars story . You don't need to develop a Star Wars game . I'm pretty sure most people buying the game wouldn't turn down a cool story in the star wars universe

Concertoine1786d ago

The single player to Battlefront was just fighting bots on multiplayer maps, it was a great way to prepare you for the multiplayer.

RegorL1786d ago

Star Wars story interesting... isn't it actually very generic, would a SP campaign with the same story in another universe be frowned upon?
"I am your father"

A SP campaign does not only cost money as those money comes from developer/tester time.

Does more than one in 1000 play any chapter of SP? What about the last chapter? You still have to test every aspect of that; every area, every alternative route...

_-EDMIX-_1786d ago

"Well what about if they actually put effort into it. The Star Wars Universe is way more interesting then"

Don't disagree with you on that, but DICE was paid to make a MP game and Star Wars BF actually has missions offline like the older BFs sooooo I'm not really sure what they mean.

In that regard, BF1 nor BF2 had a single player the way we know them as single player as much as they had missions.

ALL BF's including this one had missions offline as an option. This game is no different, why should DICE make a story mode that neither BF's sorta had?

Bioware is making a Star Wars game, Visceral is making a Star Wars about letting them tell the story in a single player format vs DICE..

That is not saying don't do it, that is merely saying its already being done else where, why should DICE making SW BF something that its not and hasn't been focused on?

and fyi Fox I never play the Battlefield single players and I have literally thousands of hours in the BF series before AND after they started doing the whole SP option.

Why force a story when many teams are making better ones? Just let the team focus on making a great Star Wars MP, as again....even BF1 and BF2 didn't have proper SP's they way BF or COD actually have in terms of a single player story.

They where mission based, this one is mission based. What folks are asking for is something that has not even been in the series.

off topic but remember when COD had a great SP? lolz.

COD1,2 (3 is something I don't want to talk about) 4 annnnnnnnnnd crap.

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JoeMcCallister1786d ago

I think this is a good point for those two specific properties - COD has had a few here and there and I'll play them to see what they're about and usually end up ranging from "wtf" to "it's fine" but never really breakthrough. To Moore's point "these types of games" either have a good campaign or it's utter trash and never touched beyond the first hour or so. I'll play a COD campaign once, a Battlefield campaign once. I'm still playing Hardline multiplayer and never finished that campaign, and I don't even like Hardline that much.

That being said Star Wars has a chance to tell cool stories and make a good campaign. On the one hand I'm glad they're focused here, and really looking to deliver a slick and fun multiplayer core experience. On the other a great Star Wars campaign would be cool to see in Battlefront. Hopefully the Hennig SW game will give us a great narrative but I'm really not too concerned about the campaign here because that multiplayer footage looks so damn good.

soul-assassin-1786d ago

I agree with you...for so long too much time & resources are spent creating a campaign for these fps games & they fall short. Their campaigns are not scripted very well, they are not memorable and also rarely last 6-8 hours. Their target audience want multiplayer. When was the last time you saw COD / Battlefield story dlc...

Ace Killa 081786d ago

Uncharted 4 has one of the best stories and very well designed multiplayer. A feat few games can come up with. EA just looks like a lazy companies that is talentless. They can't come up with a story for a star wars game FFS

BlackTar1871786d ago

I love single player games and i don't even play Single player on MP games. That said i would have totally played a Star Wars Battlefront Single player game and kinda sad i won
t get that chance.

But i haven't played a single player COD or BF in like 5 years or more yet i play most single player games that are not MP heavy

Godmars2901786d ago

That's a self-fulfilling statement if ever I heard.

"EA says no one play SP games because EA makes bad SP games."

No one seems to remember that when online wasn't an option that games where building towards good AI and SP elements, but then online came along and multiplayer became a thing, and SP efforts took nosedive.

Not saying that things where better in the "Good Olde Days" rather that SP games have gone to rubbish more than back then because few devs are doing the work needed to make them work.

Blaze9291786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

Lmao, EA clearly didn't learn their lesson with Titanfall. Which means Titanfall 2 will also, suck because of no SP

watch they try to still sell this game for $59.99 tho...ha!

SonofGod1786d ago

It's more like: "Ditching the SP gives us the time to finish the game and reach the deadline. By leaving out SP we also don't have to worry about pissing off Star Wars fans with a bad SP story. Like with our Battlefield games."

garrettbobbyferguson1786d ago

What the hell are you saying? I replayed the single player campaigns of Battlefront 1 and 2 so many times.

user99502791786d ago

Glad EA just came out and said it. People can bych and moan and rationalize, but it doesn't matter. You really want DICE, the absolute masters of multiplayer gaming, to spend all their time and resources building some lame-ass scripted cut-scene riddled slog fest against 10000 bots? Yeah..... go play something else.

darksky1786d ago

Battlefield 3 and 4 had single player modes.

user99502791786d ago

lol. yes.... yes they did. And they were absolute trash. But you have fun with that! =P

Magicite1786d ago

I play COD only for single-player, it has an explosive action and I enjoy it, but I dont like FPS games in general.

Kidmyst1786d ago

You mean EA is out of touch with gamers? Never thought that would happen. <sarcasm> When i get a Shooter, I always play SP first, to get comfortable with the controls. then go into MP. Plus I paid $60.00 for the gam, SP is really where it's at and them MP is good 'ol fun.

1786d ago
Dark111786d ago

This true.

People Don't Play Single Player? alright then let's see how much fallout 4 will sell.

BellePelouse1786d ago

They are talking about single-player of multiplayer focused games.

No one wants to see fallout go away don't worry

FYIIR1786d ago

COD campaign is dope... you are sleeping

RashBandicoot1786d ago

Honestly COD's campaign modes have been pretty solid.

1786d ago
kaizokuspy1786d ago

I would think anyone would know why we fight in battlefront. Light vs dark side. I cannot wait until it's release!

showtimefolks1786d ago

How about you give the gamers that damn option. it's people like Peter moore who I am glad are no longer at MS

this is so wrong

I am a single player gamer.

Thatguy-3101786d ago

Exactly! If they wanted to make a story they can just actually put time into it. What he's telling me is "if we make a story it will be a shitty one so people won't touch it so what's the point?" some developer out there has to have the ability to execute a good story driven game in fps.

GMW1786d ago

Like Naughty Dog! Let them make the single player Star Wars game! 😃😃😃 28515;

RegorL1786d ago

@GMW there will come single player Star Wars games, just not this first where they have to create all assets and build the engine to match.

BellePelouse1786d ago

What's the point of hiring a studio for doing a single player portion when it will compete with other full star wars game EA is releasing, like the one Visceral is working on

ssj271786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

Idk if I'm watching to many detective tv shows and I'm noticing details that other will miss like you missng the factor number one that this is a start wars franchise based game and its fans will love to have a single player campaign and history behind it to play. Other wise yeah who cares about cod universe, maybe few or a very small percentage do. But this is star wars and everyone care about its universe and will love to get some but anyways the game will still sale great. the game is immersive and authentic to satar wars at least. I will probably wait for it to be $40 or $30 and all or most of the dlc included for free but that will probably take a while and will not even get it because better games will be out to play instead

Hellsvacancy1786d ago

Yeah some of what you said is right, but recently I replayed BF4 on the PS4 and it wasn't actually all that bad, some of was quite enjoyable, it sucked on the PS3 (my first playthrough) but it was alright on the PS4

I would of probably enjoyed the sp to Battlefront

Macdaddy711786d ago

Here is another game won't get my $60 cash,.. I play single player.. I won't buy a game with out single player.. EA that sucks I was looking for this game also...

3-4-51786d ago

In a game that is Multiplayer focused, I don't 80% of the resources to go to that. The single player campaigns of those games aren't usually that good.

* However, a truly good single player game almost always wins out in terms of a memorable experience.

With FPS games though yea, I get the multiplayer focus thing, especially for a game like Battlefront.

* I don't think people realize just how much Disney is really going forward with this Star Wars thing.

There will be multiple games on multiple handhelds and consoles eventually, this is just the start of it.

There will be plenty of single player focused games and because they are made to be specifically single player experience, will be a better game for that type of experience.

ChronoJoe1786d ago

I think it would be different for this type of game though. It's star wars, people would play it, if even for a narrative.

Mystogan1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

Isn't every game running from one point to another while shooting or beating people up?


I couldn't care less about this game(not a star wars fan but did enjoy force unleashed games though) but this statement is A bullshit excuse.

Muzikguy1786d ago

I think it's funny that developers are trying to tell people what they want. I play the single player campaigns. Maybe not at first, but I do play them. Lately I try to play the campaign first to get the hang of the game and learn the story. EA is so full of themselves. They're just trying to tell is what we want so they can charge us for more DLC and use less man-hours by not making a story mode. It's my firm belief that whatever is telling them that people don't play is a LIE. Does Activision have the same data saying how they need to keep changing COD to make people want to play it? Last I checked, people are plYing less of that game. That's just one example too. Their "data" is wrong

gangsta_red1786d ago

I think you all have to think of the fact that Disney is completely re-writing the whole star wars universe after the 6 films. They are trying to keep the canon close and anything coming out from this point on is an actual story for Star Wars.

They probably either don't have time or want any type of story in a video game that might hint to their new upcoming movies.

Just my opinion of the whole thing.

Tapewurm1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

The problem with this is my issue with online only games in general... sure CoD's stories aren't the greatest all the time, but they are OK and in some cases they are pretty sweet... I truly enjoyed the original Socoms and even Socom 4... and can still enjoy them...even now that the servers are offline. The Story mode for these games gives you an opportunity to learn how to play the game and gives you something to do when the PSN or Xbox Live is down. And like I mentioned previously, it sucks when a company decides to stop supporting an online game and kills the servers. MAG and Socom Confrontation are great examples...those discs are just coasters now....but, the original Socoms and Socom 4 have missions and Story Modes....more bang for the buck basically.... there are a lot of gamers that enjoy the story mode in "Shooters" and I am one of them....never understood folks buying a CoD game and not ever playing the single player campaign.... SMH 8)

sullynathan1786d ago

Truthfully most games have shitty stories

princejb1341786d ago

i think EA meant to say people play single player but were to lazy to add it

Mr_GoolyPunch1786d ago

Running from one place to another, infested with explosions shooting everything that moves...can also be used to describe multiplayer in many ways.