Just Cause 3 - "20 to 30" New Weapons, Dynamic Weather and Environment and More Details

OnlySP: New details were recently revealed about Just Cause 3 in an Ask Me Anything with Avalanche about Daniel Hardcastle's (a.k.a NerdCubed) experience with the game. While this wasn’t a developer AMA, which necessarily limited the scope of discussion, there were plenty of new details revealed about the game’s gameplay, environment and, of course, weapons.

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SaveFerris1618d ago

This game is looking good.

Wingsfan241618d ago

I'm just excited to see what kind of Easter Eggs they put in Just Cause 3. The LOST island was so awesome. Too bad it was spoiled rather quickly though.

ATi_Elite1618d ago

Just give me another 2000 player mod with the new stuff and I'm good to go.

wakeNbake1618d ago

I was completely asleep on this game until a few weeks ago, now its one of my most anticipated.

-Foxtrot1618d ago

Since there will obviously be DLC/Pre Order DLC I hope they don't make you keep paying everytime you want your purchased items dropped off to you.

They did it in JC2 and it was annoying. I don't mind paying for ammo, upgrades, paint work, repairs or even to get it shipped out to me but paying again and again for something I've already unlocked.

mkis0071618d ago

From an earlier interview they made it seem everything will be instant and much easier to play with.

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