Why Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain Must End With Solid Snake Taking Down Big Boss

GamingBolt's Rashid Sayed speculates on the appearance of Solid Snake in The Phantom Pain and why Kojima needs to close Solid Snake and Big Boss' story arc before he leaves Konami.

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JoeMcCallister1622d ago

It'll end with Kojima waking up, the MGS series being a dream, and a third person section where Kojima kicks every desk in the Konami office over.

When he reaches the lobby he gets in a cab and the game fades to black.


Eterna1Ice1622d ago

Sorry, but Kojima got Chrisbenoited.

Me-Time1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

You mean the guy who murdered his family then hanged himself? I was a Benoit fan.

-Foxtrot1622d ago

Like I've said if they do a MGS2 twist and the second half of the game is a time jump where it's basically a remake of Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 then I will f****** loose it.

MGS2 showed you Snake during all the promotional videos and screens to release yet you played as Raiden for the majority of the game.

Same could be done here.

Summons751622d ago

I'm really expecting it since all they have shown outside of clips from the hospital is Afghanistan and Africa. It'll be an awesome twist, just like MGS 2 when they lead to believe Snake is dead. I'm hoping Kojima pulls out all the tops for some mind blowing twist and turns, an MGS4 for the Naked Snake story line.

goldwyncq1622d ago

The final battle would be a recreation of Snake's battle in Outer Heaven with Big Boss, but from Big Boss's perspective. That would be the perfect way to end the game.

Psycho_Mantis1622d ago

There been a lot of high hopes for something like this to go down and what better way, right? That would be the most epic send off!

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The story is too old to be commented.