Is the Term ‘Videogame’ Outdated?

Gary says, "Videogame. It’s a term we hear bandied about every day, yet seldom do we think about its relevance. In recent years, we’ve seen the release of several titles that have challenged our definitions of what we consider to be a ‘game’."

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iplay1up21796d ago

Even after reading this, they are still Video Games. That does not mean they cannot be masterful in their own right. Video Games today can be very moving, and stir emotions in us, sometimes better than a film can, because we are invested more in a game.

Who can forget Mass Effect 3's ending. Many of us were very torn, and emotionally upset.

Noahmtodd1796d ago

Every game is a 'videogame' by definition and technical sense, but titles such as Journey tend to be more artistically driven than anything else. At its core, it's a game, but its purpose is more than that.

Even by definition, games like Call of Duty are artistic because they used elements of art to create the product. But, I'm more likely to say Call of Duty is a distinct 'videogame' than Journey. Even though in all reality, they're both video games and pieces of art. It's important to remember not all art is amazing.

1796d ago
level 3601796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Don't try renaming "videogames" into something so highfalutin/pompous.

Videogames is as simple as it gets.

Whether it's solitaire, tetris or high art as Journey they are videogames by definition.

Spotie1796d ago

No. A video game is a video game. Doesn't mean it can't be more than that. Doesn't mean anything, except that it's a video game.

Stop trying to create debates and arguments and conflicts where there are none.

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The story is too old to be commented.