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"Look for the answers in the light." As soon those words were uttered in Everybody's Gone To The Rapture's opening monologue, it became clear what the game was: fluffy, empty, pseudo-art. Another example of video game developers serving up sizzle and calling it steak. Players wander a deserted Shropshire village in the wake of a mysterious apocalyptic event and by following floating balls of light, watch ethereal reconstructions of conversations between the former villagers.

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SaveFerris1622d ago

Not the reviewers cup of tea then.

Fil1011622d ago

Lol yeah kinda wot I thought but at the same time 3/10 is abit low.

the_dark_one1622d ago

clicks maybe? but yeah it could be that he didnt really liked it, personally to me it looks interesting game but isnt my cup of tea either, maybe watch a playtrough.
the same guy reviewed Vanishing of Ethan Carter a 4/10, so maybe its not his type of game

deadpoolio3161622d ago

A bit low...Its criminally low, 3/10 would be for broken games that don't function. If at game just isn't for you that doesn't take away from the production values or overall functionality of the game.....

I briefly played the game before I decided it just isn't my type of game but I'd still at least give it a solid 7 for the overall quality

Omnisonne1622d ago


Exactly, for what it is, it's a very well done game.
In reviews like these it seems to be personal taste>overall quality.

The game is well polished, story is well constructed (although leaves a lot for interpretation) and audio, voice acting and music are all really good. It's good value for $20

I think as a reviewer you should be able to view the game for what it is, not solely base the score on your personal taste

Palitera1622d ago

deadpoolio, that's what it means in your scale. In his, it works differently.

That's also why these scores don't mean so much when you don't consider where they are coming from.

There's a huge difference between yours and IGN's concept of 3 if compared to Edge's 3, for instance.

johndoe112111622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

This is a walking simulator, you have to like that type of game in order to appreciate this. I'm not big on walking simulators but at the same time I tend to play all of them because I can appreciate a good story. As far as WS's go this is one of the best I've played so far. I haven't finished it (i'm about 3/4 the way through) but it's a pretty solid game. The graphics are amazing, the atmosphere is mind blowing and the interactions are engaging. it sets a great mood that tends to keep you playing. It's obvious, based on his scoring of Ethan Carter, this is not his type of game so why in the hell is he reviewing it?

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fOrlOnhOpe571622d ago

Sounds like he choked on it lol

FlameBaitGod1622d ago

This is the problem with MANY reviewers, who cares if you don't like that type of game, he needs to compare other games similar to it and say what they did better or worst than the others and if there isn't other games like it then... i don't know what would happen there xD.

RosweeSon1622d ago

Even after seeing this I still bought it haha, looks like my cup of tea, something a bit different and being from the U.K it looks fantastic literally looks like my local village from when I was younger 20-25 years ago, looks really cool.

christian hour1622d ago

"fluffy, empty, pseudo-art"

So if you knew it was something that you didn't like, why review it? I don't go around posting reviews online about sex and the city episodes or some bullcrap i'm not interested in.

I've always hated this practice in VG Journalism. I remember an OPSM (a VG magazine) review from the 90's for final fantasy ix, it was done by a member of staff who's favourite games were sports and racing titles and his least favourite were RPG's, especially JRPGS. He gave it a 2/10 and just spent it bitching about RPG's in general. WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE REVIEWING GAMEPLAY GENRES THEY HATE?

I'll never understand it. It's almost as bewildering as politics, e.g the minister for health in ireland has ZERO background in that area, in fact the minister of anything in this country has zero background in any of it, and as a result this country is a big floating scam wank ready to crash and burn at the slightest change in humidity.

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OldDude1622d ago

Not liking a game doesn't make it junk. 3 is not realistic, I save that number for broken games that simply don't work.

deadpoolio3161622d ago

Exactly a 3/10 would be for a broken game that barely functions, not because its not your type of game. I know for a fact its not my type of game from the little bit I played of it, but I wouldn't call it a garbage game just a game that is not for me.

1nsomniac1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Only because you & many others don't use the scoring system correctly. In the real world of a 10 point system, 5 is average right down the middle. So this is lower than average. Realistically a 1/10 would be a broken game.

Just sayin'

RosweeSon1622d ago

1-3 even a 4 are no games I would normally consider unless the game was based on a series/show or film that I loved but normally anything with those sort of scores are served regardless many many fantastic game I've not got time for below average ;)

OldDude1622d ago

While in statistical analysis or other numeric professions you would be correct, the generally accepted practice in the industry seems to be about a 7-7.5 being average and everything else below.

Anyone who judges a working game with even half-ways decent production values a 1-3 is simply looking for hits on their site and their review should not be taken seriously. IMHO of course.

Ezz20131622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

I understand you
but if everyone use the scoring system correctly
No game will ever get 10/10


So i'm glad no one is doing that
I can't comment on the game since i don't have it yet.

christian hour1622d ago

"Only because you & many others don't use the scoring system correctly"

Sadly a scoring system in general, is just plain inadequate for the subject matter it's intended to sum up. Firstly, the sliding scale of it varies from person to person, then there's the simple matter of subjectivity and taste, giving it a grade doesn't work either.

Trying to reduce something to a bitesize number or letter just doesn't work, personally a written review should speak for itself, it shouldn't need some number lashed on at the end. It's a childish idea in the first place. Thats my opinion on it anyways.

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RosweeSon1622d ago

Yeah 3 I would normally consider utter dribble that doesn't work it's glitched and doesn't control work or play properly and wasn't even worth the development time let alone the playing time.

1622d ago
_LarZen_1622d ago

Bad framerate. Bad anti aliasing. Bad textures. It feels like you are walking in a swamp with beer glasses.

The story was exciting up to the end where it just failed.

scark921622d ago

I think people need to be in a certain mindset going into this game to enjoy it, people need patience.

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