Destiny: 5.8% of PlayStation players haven't finished first level

Destiny is a divisive game, putting it mildly. On one side of the coin, there are those who complained the game overhyped and under delivered; on the other, there are those who have sunk hundreds - thousands - of hours into it to try and obtain Gjallarhorn. Regardless of which side of the fence you sit, there's no denying a lot of people play(ed) Destiny.

Yet, according to PlayStation's Trophy system, around 5.8% of those who picked up the controller never made it past the first mission.

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ArchangelMike1791d ago

So what you're saying is that 94.2% of Playstation players have finsished the first level. That's pretty good.

Eonjay1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

Exactly. Thats a really high rate. Its funny how anything can be spun into a negative.

aconnellan1791d ago

It's a great success rate - it's more that however many million people decided playing for that extra 20 minutes wasn't worth their time (whatever the circumstances.

Apologies for spinning it around negatively, I didn't mean to but that's how it must have come out - I just thought they were some really interesting numbers, especially considering Destiny was considered one of the most overhyped games in recent years, and there are daily "too much grind, never playing again" threads.

Eonjay1791d ago


Fair enough

XBLSkull1791d ago

"there are those who have sunk hundreds - thousands - of hours into it to try and obtain Gjallarhorn. Regardless of which side of the fence you sit, there's no denying a lot of people play(ed) Destiny."

It's because it was a Bungie game, the studio that brought us the greatest console shooter of all time, and the second best sci-fi universe next to Star Wars. And it was their first game since leaving Halo. How were we to really know that all the talent of Bungie took jobs with 343i. Destiny was a real stinker.

It's more interesting to see the longer term completion stats, most people get past the first level in games, but it's odd to see how a lot only ever get like halfway or less.

Sureshot1791d ago

Isn't the first level the entirety if the initial release?

InactiveUser1791d ago

What they're saying is Peter Moore is an idiot.

I'm wondering if he's the reason we haven't heard anything about Bad Company 3.

DragonKnight1790d ago

@XBLSKull: Bungie made GoldenEye for the N64?

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aconnellan1791d ago

Haha yes - it's more the size of the install base that makes it interesting. That's potentially a couple of million players that made up their mind to never play Destiny again after the first 20 minutes (generalisation).

What's also interesting about that comparison is that only 22.7% have completed a Raid, considered the 'last levels'. That's quite a significant drop along the way.

Eonjay1791d ago

"That's potentially a couple of million players that made up their mind to never play Destiny again after the first 20 minutes"

Well thats not possible because if Destiny had a 100% attach rate on PS4, that would be 25 million copies sold. And 6% of 25 million is only 1.5 million.

But of course Destiny doesn't have anywhere near 50% attach rate, so the number of players to never beat the first mission is substantially smaller than what you are saying.

aconnellan1791d ago

You're correct - it's past midnight here and maths was never my forte, so not a good mix; will update post to reflect correct maths.

Still interesting nonetheless. My favourite stats are how many haven't decrypted 25 engrams (unavoidable) and how many haven't completed a Raid. Completing Raids are fun but avoidable for a number of reasons - pretty sure it's hard to play without decrypting engrams though.

jdiggitty1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

That 5.8% isn't that significant to me. How many players ended up with games they never wanted over the holidays or birthdays by now? And I believe the completion rate in gaming overall is very low so the 23% might actually be higher than average

I have tons of games sitting around waiting for me to get back to them, if ever

paul-p19881791d ago

I think that's more to do with lack of matchmaking in Raids, and just how few of us have a group of friends ready and waiting to play Destiny for a couple of hours.

I've wanted to play a Raid ever since I got the game, but all my friends levelled up a lot quicker than me (they have less responsibilities than me) and then as soon as they had played the 1st raid they stopped playing. I've tried signing up to sites dedicated to finding randoms for raids but never found a group who was on at the same time as me.

And with the next DLC costing more than I paid for the base game and season pass I definitely won't be going back to get that lol

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wsoutlaw871791d ago

What? no. 94.2% of players who played destiny have finished the first level. Not all playstation players. the fact that 5.8 % of players paid for the game, played the game, and then never played it again, isnt great. That being said, that is probably very typical of other games, and a lot of those users may have been a friends account or something. Why does this become news just because its destiny. I never understood the hate for the game. If you dont enjoy it then thats fine.

k2d1790d ago

With the knowledge that 90 percent doesn't finish games, what does this tell us?

(number taken from a cnn article)

DillyDilly1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

That is assuming everyone with a Playstation has even tried Destiny

phoenixwake1790d ago

Also, this is probably including demo players as it's all in the same system. Single-percentage didn't like the game enough to play more than a few minutes? Not too bad.

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gamesismylife091791d ago ShowReplies(1)
Hoffmann1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

In other news, around 3% of all Samurai Warriors 4 owners on PS4 never finished one battle.

And only around 40% of the owners played through Borderlands 2 according to the trophies on PS4.

In other news, many poeople buy games and never or rarely play them, no matter how good they are and many stop playing like 5-10 minutes already it seems. Not that 3-5% are the majority but when you think about it, those are some tousand people that bought a game and did not give it a real chance yet.

TheLoCoRaven1791d ago

Thats probably the percentage that lost the game or still have it in the shrinkwrap. I still have about 4 or 5 games for PS3 in the shrinkwrap.

Sureshot1791d ago

I couldn't do that lol. Love me some new game smell!

Fez1790d ago

Isn't the first level part of the free demo?

If you download the demo and fire it up you've immediately become part of this statistic so the number is not very surprising.

1791d ago
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