Gamers Universe Review: Buzz! Master Quiz

Gamers Universe writes: "Buzz shouldn't be allowed to exist, really. There's absolutely nothing here you couldn't recreate with the aid of some Wikipedia print-outs, a drunken flatmate or two and a faux-Australian accent. As far as making the most of its medium goes, Relentless Software's quiz franchise ranks marginally behind DS Sudoku in the redundancy stakes.

And yet somehow the flap-jawed Sesame Street throwback continues to endure, with his PS3 debut earning a twinkly 85% from GamersUniverse earlier in the month. On the whole, we suppose, you can't knock something for being fun - mind-expanding design is all very well, but this videogaming, uh, game is about recreation first and foremost, and Buzz has few equals in that department."

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StalkingSilence4442d ago

With such a scathing review, why did the game get 81/100? Just because the concept of quizzes is fun? Lame review.

monkey_gamer4441d ago

This is diffidently a lame review for a quiz game. It should be getting mid-sixties to low seventies at best.