Techland producer: I'd make Dead Island 2 if Deep Silver asked

Techland producer Tymon Smektala has told that he would "love to go back to Dead Island" and that he'd be happy to develop troubled sequel Dead Island 2 if Deep Silver asked the studio to do it.

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Talgrath1625d ago

What's weird about firing Yager is that the game looked very promising. The focus on humor was a great idea which made a lot of sense, after all the previous version let me make an aletric machete McGuyver style, so why not embrace the zanyness? The gameplay looked good too, so I'm not sure why Deep Silver fired Yager.

ZaWarudo1625d ago

This. I was loving the tone of the game.

deadpoolio3161625d ago

Well when Yeager starts filing for bankruptcy any company with half a brain is going to pull them off projects. Hell were at the point that Dreadnaught might not even come out now. One studio with a small team really didn't need to be trying to take on more than one project at a time, they knew they didn't have the man power to take on several different high profile games.

kurochi1625d ago

Never understood why the Dead Island games got the hate it did. Always thought it was a decent (not great) game.

Clown_Syndr0me1625d ago

What happened to Dead Island 2? Im sure it was playable at EGX last year but I didnt bother. Havent heard about it in ages now.

SolidGear31625d ago

Yager recently got fired by Deep Silver because they had opposing visions of the final game and it's now being developed internally by one of Deep Silver's studios.

deadpoolio3161625d ago

That has nothing to do with it at all....They were taken off the project because they were having money issues, they did file for bankruptcy and even now Dreadnaught is up in the air, and MS was funding that game.

LordMaim1624d ago

@deadpoolio316: You've got the order of events backwards. Yager Productions filed for bankruptcy *because* they were fired by Deep Silver. Yager Productions was only a sub-division of Yager Development which was established solely for the express purpose of making Dead Island 2.

gangsta_red1625d ago

Dying Light also happened.

LordMaim1624d ago

Which frankly I thought was a much better game. And before anyone jumps on the Dead Island hate train, I have a platinum in both games so I'm a fan of the series.

I just don't see Dead Island 2 being a real competitor when compared to the studio that created the series and it's newer, better project.