Full Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 trailer online

We already had a teaser trailer of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, promising that the full trailer would appear on december 13th. Well Ubisoft kept their promise, as the full trailer has now been put online.

If you look very well, you might see some actually First Person (ingame) footage.

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Thump19674354d ago

Can't wait looks incredible

devv054354d ago

Yes very nice. Although I like Rainbow Six: Vegas better than the first GR:AW

WhEeLz4354d ago

[email protected] i cant wait to get this..........

PSN Starfleets4354d ago

Whats with the absurd tight pants by the way?

The trailer looks OKAY, nothing special about it. The directing and cinematics of the trailer for GRAW1 was way way better though.

shikwan4354d ago

yeah...the trailer for GRAW 1 was more impressive but that doesn't say squat of what this game may be like!

zonetrooper54353d ago

I might buy this, but theres too many games coming out in 2007 that i want. I worked out that if all the games i wanted in 2007 would come out in thayt year, i would be buyin around 30 games in one year, now that is mad!