Shenmue 3: Yu Suzuki talks Kickstarter success, battle system and Ryo's unsatisfactory face

Game developer Yu Suzuki has given his first interview following the success of Shenmue 3's announcement during Sony's E3 press conference and the subsequent $6.3m ($4m)-generating Kickstarter campaign.

Speaking to GamesTM in its latest issue (#164), Suzuki spoke of his surprise at the success of the game and his dissatisfaction with lead character Ryo's face at this early stage of development.

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Jls11622d ago

glad to hear its not ending with Shenmue 3 cause I was worried about the story being cut.

bouzebbal1622d ago

Bring it on Yu Suzuki san, this is one of those games i cannot wait for.
now SEGA ened to put their fingers out of their arses and be smart to release an HD collection of the first 2.

1622d ago
gamesismylife091622d ago

Yu it's in your hands Suzuki might be begging for more money pretty soon.

Deathdeliverer1622d ago

I just hope when they change Ryos face they keep him looking Japanese. Unlike Ryu, which looks more and more like a spiky haired Greek soldier than a Japanese fighter.