GameTrailers Soul Calibur IV Comparison Video

GameTrailers has released their comparison video between the two console versions of Soul Calibur IV. The provide various side by side stills to show the differences between the two. The differences between the two versions after viewing the video show that the developers did an excellent job optimizing the game for both platforms as differences between the two are imperceptible. The attached link is for the HD version of the comparison.

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TheHater4743d ago

Gametrailer need to stop this BS.

juuken4743d ago


I just *knew* they were going to do this. More flamebait FTW.

Real gamer 4 life4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

This is why fayboism will never stop. Because the media feeds into it. instead of controlling it, they are promoting it.

Bleem3604743d ago

...these [email protected]*k1ng videos.

Didn't someone else post a story yesterday that swore the PS3 had the better looking version?

Who cares! It's not a PS3/360 contest here, it's Darth/Yoda where the real buying decisions will be made.

Soul Calibur has always been a fantastic series and i'll be buying it for sure and so should everyone else!

Silellak4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

Seriously. It's so old.

Here's an idea: forget exclusive characters. Forget graphics. Buy the one more of your friends are likely to play online. Don't care about online play? Use your favorite controller, then.

Problem solved.

PimpHandHappy4743d ago

flamebait is how alot of sites get hits!

This site is a prime example

MikeGdaGod4743d ago

thankyou thats the logic i use

KidMakeshift4743d ago

You're still watching and b!tching about it

If you don't care, then don't even comment. You're only extending the life of comparison video's

I for one, have both systems and I like to see how they add up side-by-side.

Lmann4742d ago

I'll ninth that! GT stop please. :)

[email protected]4742d ago

I'm agree with Hater on this.

donator4742d ago

I just find the timing funny. Ever since the PS3's graphical capabilities in multiplat games caught up, all of a sudden no one wants comparison videos.

permutated4742d ago

I was coming into this topic expecting "Sony version FTW" (mostly because I feel as though the amount of Sony Fanboys on this site is out of control) but instead I noticed no bias and a complete lack of fanboyism from everyone so far.

Just saying thanks. It's nice for a change to not hear such stupid sh*t coming out of N4G.

avacadosnorkel4742d ago

the necklace had more detail on the PS3 :)

shazam4742d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if gt screwed up again and put the same video on both sides.

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infinate4743d ago

They look the same to me

Panthers4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

Thats because they are probably both the PS3 version...

Deviant4743d ago

so freaking true :D

bubbles for u

Overr8ed4743d ago

your right both versions look the same. They did a good job making both versions identical

blackbeld4742d ago

360 guys making now EXCUSES 'they look both same' hell not!! the PS3 is with close-ups smoother lined and sharper.. PS3 wins also with controller..

Pika-pie4742d ago

They are exactly the same, no difference at all from what I could see.

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bisonplayer174743d ago

Guys, they look identical! Hopefully the video helps stop fanboy wars because it looks like no matter which version you own, you're not getting the short end...

mfwahwah4742d ago

I wish it was that simple, but there are some SMALL differences. That's enough for a full out war on the internet... :'(

DarkBlade4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

lol even in the begining of the video the girl said" i really hate these kind of things". LOL Confirmed SC4 hate comparison videos.

infinate4743d ago

yeah that was hilarious

juuken4743d ago

That was funny.

These comparison videos are just plain stupid.

TruthBTold4742d ago

I think the PS3 version looks more like the 360 version than the 360 looking more like the PS3 version LOL... and by that I mean they are equally the same damn game.

B-Rein4743d ago

well the xbox version seems more shiny thast all, if you watch at 1.08 u can see

mattkelly19914743d ago

if by shiny you mean exactly the same, yeah, I see it.

SolidLiquidSnake4742d ago

Sorry mate you wrong! They are the same!