'Rime' Remains PS4 Exclusive; Developer Denies Xbox One Version

Following a video from Eurogamer Portugal, rumors erupted that PS4 Exclusive 'Rime' would be heading towards the XBox One as well. In recent tweets developer Tequila Works denies this rumor.

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Septic1628d ago

Rime is an amazing looking title. Will definitely be a strong addition to the PlayStation library

VER1ON1628d ago

The music, visual style and setting amazes me. Can't wait for this beauty. Reminds me a lot of The Windwaker and Ico.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1628d ago

There are two composers for the game and one of them happens to be the legendary Akira Yamaoka. Yea wrap your head around that one. Very different kind of project for him.

Relientk771628d ago

All I need is a release date

Genuine-User1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

Rime is published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It won't be on anything except Playstation.

xHeavYx1628d ago

Yeah, just like Mass Effect 1 that was published by MS... Oh, wait...

PSIN4MANT1628d ago

@ xHEAVYx name the last Playstation exclusive to end up on xbox.... I'll wait.

FITgamer1628d ago


He wasn't being serious, just taking a jab at Microsoft.

Septic1628d ago

He was taking a jab at Microsoft? But is he implying that this could come to Xbox?

_-EDMIX-_1628d ago

@Sep- "He was taking a jab at Microsoft? But is he implying that this could come to Xbox?"

what if its dat duel troll?

Kingdomcome2471628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

@PS4IN4- GTA, Silent Hill, Metal Gear, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy... some of those franchises originated on platforms other than PlayStation, but they all were at one time exclusive to the PlayStation platform before coming to Xbox.Now if you were to ask when was the last time that a Sony owned intellectual property made it's way to Xbox the answer I'm sure would be never. So Rime coming over is rather unlikely. OT: I find myself gravitating more towards unique games like this as of late, and I can't wait for this and Wild. I just want release dates.

addictgamer1628d ago

I know that a bunch of pixeljunk games made it to windows.

1628d ago
Kratos0Ultra1627d ago

@ xHeavYx

You seem to ignore the difference between style of exclusives between Microsoft and Sony. Name 1 game published by Sony Computer Entertainment, just 1, that then appeared in an Xbox console. Good luck, you won't find any.

Meanwhile, Microsoft Game Studios published games seem to easily transition to Playstation like:

Mass Effect (like you mentioned)
Dust an Elysian Tale

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Spotie1628d ago

He's implying that it's POSSIBLE. But we all know it's not likely.

1628d ago
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Sevir1628d ago

People in the industry thinks it's indie. But it's a full retail game that is 100% owned by Sony...

n4rc1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

fair enough... i dont follow this game..(looks great! but wasnt coming to my platform"

but why answer the question with "as far as we know"?

kinda raises more questions then i had before they "denied" it... lol... never thought it was coming to xbox/pc but now i wonder

MrSec841628d ago

It could be because Tequila Works doesn't control what happens with the game.
It may be that Sony now owns it and they choose where it goes.

If this is the case then Sony won't put it on anything else if it was always meant to be a PS4 exclusive.
Sony aren't in a position where they have to put a game on anything besides their platform, because PS4 is going to sell more copies than pretty much any other platform.

GribbleGrunger1628d ago

Sarcasm. The IP is owned by Sony.

MrSec841628d ago

I don't know about it becoming a full retail release, although I think it's been said that Sony are considering it.

As for "indie" status, part of being indie is about how you fund the game, if a major publisher puts up the cash to develop and publish the game then it's no longer an indie, this applies to Rime, WiLD, The Tomorrow Children and a few others (possibly No Man's Sky).

I think the reason there hasn't been much in the way of details about these games is because they've gone into a bigger level of production, with more hands help from SCE, so that means greater developer support from 1st party studios.

We'll see what happens, but Rime is definitely one of my most anticipated games for PS4.

n4rc1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

do they actually own it? cant find anything on that.. just been wondering (hopefully i might add lol) if this is hinting at a possible timed release

its being published by sony, that i can see... but rise of the tomb raider is as well

edit... well.. way to kill my hopes of playing this game lol

Sevir1628d ago

It's first party. Sony owns the IP. They confirmed this at Gamescon 2014 last year when they showed off the game.

_-EDMIX-_1628d ago

Well Sony doesn't publish titles they don't own anymore ie PS1 days with Crash and Spyro. After that gen, they only publish IPs they own.

As to why even one of the best teams Insomniac couldn't even get a Sony deal when they didn't give them the IP with Sunset. Sony is not paying to publish a game for a period and time. They are seeking to own it, they still have a reputation uphold on publishing content they own to sell PS systems.

Rime is very, very likely owned by Sony, they again don't publish content they don't own, no matter how much they are funding or helping out etc. Sony is literally paying for SFIV on PS4 and it was still published under Capcom vs MS publishing Dead Rising 3.

I assure you SFV is published by Capcom on both platforms it will release on.

Sony is not known for something like that and I don't think they want to start being known for that.

triple_c1628d ago

Sony owns the game. It even says it on the Sony Computer Entertainment wikipedia page. Go to the SCE wikipedia page and scroll down and you can see all the IP's Sony owns

n4rc1628d ago

Cool.. Don't follow their business practises that closely, just used the tomb raider deal as a reference as its published by them but will go multiplat later on..

Either way.. Was hopeful I'd get this game on PC or Xbox and now I'm disappointed lol

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medman1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

I like your style.

n4rc1628d ago

Me too.. Its refreshing when people can answer a simple question without assuming I have some agenda..

Why I gave him a helpful bub up and hit agree

KilluaX31628d ago

It looks like indie game.

SquidBuck1628d ago

Guess Zelda Windwaker does too then lol

donthate1628d ago

That is because it looks like one of those typical indie games that pretends to be something, but looks boring as hell.

After seeing it the third time, I still don't know what kind of game it is.

SquidBuck1628d ago

Comprehension is something you must lack then.

CBforeva1628d ago

Sure... you cannot noscope 360 enemies and it's without any explosion.

This game may be not your type anyway, so just don't mind it. :)

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sactownlawyer9161628d ago

Good to hear. Can't wait to hear more details in Tokyo and Paris about this game.

RiseofScorpio1628d ago

Just like Ori isn't coming to a Sony Console, Rine isn't coming to an Xbox Console.

ScorpiusX1628d ago

That's Good cause I like Ori.

MasterCornholio1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

That's good because I like Rime.


Oh and Ori is great as well. But I really wonder if my PC could handle it with its integrated GPU.

JWiLL5521628d ago

And you'd like it less if it was also on another system?

I...I just don't get the console fanboy mentality.

ScorpiusX1628d ago

@JWiLL552 Yes I would it less cause am not of that BS of everyone should Play a good game
Am more you want to play buy the console or do without.

Haru1628d ago

Ori isn't a xbox exclusive it's also avalabil on pc

Ezz20131628d ago

Every time....Every single time
I read Xbox "Exclusive"....but also coming to PC

Me :

It's like they don't know what "Exclusive" means all.

TwoForce1628d ago

Yeah, Ori is also on PC. So stop being so intelligent.

Ezz20131628d ago

No, he should be MORE intelligent

Because if he was ....he wouldn't make that comment in first place.

medman1628d ago

But Below is coming to ps4, that's the one I'm looking at...Inside also looks interesting as does Cuphead.

MRMagoo1231628d ago

But I played it on pc so who cares?

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