Get Ready For the World of Virtual Reality: A Headset Comparison

Maria Ramos: "This fall, high end virtual reality headsets will begin making their way into the consumer market. No one is as excited about the prospect of entering another world as the collective community of gamers. In fact, most of the devices have been developed with the gaming community in mind, including early support for existing software and mind blowing game demos at E3 this year."

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SteamPowered1798d ago

The Vive is my personal choice. Having Valve/Steam back it only increases my optimism. I can't wait to see SteamVR officially launch this October and see what they have to offer.

On the flip, I hope that Oculus store has HMD agnostic games. Oculus has some incredible games in development. It would be a shame to miss out.

To be honest though, I can see me owning both headsets eventually.