Breath Of Fire Series New Website Launched Today, Includes Details On All Games

A new Breath Of Fire series website has been launched today by Capcom. The site includes information on all entries of the series

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breakpad1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

that s a good sign ...A new proper BOF7 on the path that Dragon Quest XI (aka keeping his old art style in new engine graphics) opened would be excellent ...last good BOF was BOF3 and 4 imo

Magicite1816d ago

I really liked BoF4, but couldnt get into BoF5, so hopefully they follow traditional path or make it action-rpg.

SaiyanFury1817d ago

It doesn't make a lot of sense to spend money on a website for a dead series. I'm hoping to see a Breath of Fire collection, possibly for Vita and 3DS. Heck, I'd pay full price just for a Vita version of Breath of Fire III, my favourite in the series. Capcom released a PSP version years back, but for some reason, that version never made it onto the North American PS Store. Come on Capcom, make it happen. Your glory days may be behind you, but at least we can relive them through these fabulous RPGs.

Revengeance1817d ago

Let's not call it dead just yet. Unlike Konami, Capcom is actually trying to do right with gamers again. They have multiple projects in production and REmake 2 got confirmed because of fans. Maybe a proper BoF may come out because of fan input as well.

SaiyanFury1817d ago

I would love to have more faith, I truly would. I'm glad you do because someone has to, haha. Unfortunately, I'm somewhat more of a pessimist. My longtime faith in companies like Square-Enix, Capcom and several others, has left me somewhat soured. I've been playing games of olde from these companies for 20+ years, and I just don't see it getting better. But I would be ecstatic if I'm wrong. I would love to see the BoF series make a great comeback, as well as games like Suikoden from Konami. For me, actions speak louder than words, and when I behold some good things from these companies, then my faith will be restored. Bring on the disagrees, that was merely one man's opinion. :P

Revengeance1816d ago

Fair enough. I understand where you're coming from. I would like to think Square and Capcom are trying their hardest to come back. Even I was giving them flack at one point.

IMO the only one that doesn't truly care to do right by fans anymore is Konami. I could even say Sega.

SatanicEyeJesus1817d ago

Mannnnn! A BOF for PS4 would be awesome! Almost a dream!

Cryptcuzz1816d ago

A BoF game for the PS4 would be my dream at least. I truly hope they are working on a proper BoF game for the PS4.

5yb5n6u1817d ago

probably going to release all of them on droid/ios

gokuking1816d ago

Interesting that all of them use Roman numerals except 6.

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