6 Dream Retro Game Collections We'd Love To See

WOW247: "It’s no surprise that the response to Rare Replay has been astronomically positive. The one-off gaming pick ‘n’ mix has received widespread acclaim, due mainly to its inclusion of otherwise unattainable classics.

"It got us thinking about game collections, and other bundles of nostalgic favourites we’d want to get our hands on. Bandicoots, LEGO, and angry ducks – whether realistic or not, here are the dream developer bundles we’d love to see."

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Roronoa04111618d ago

Is it just me or would anyone else love an open world RPG with the art style of the Ratchet & Clank PS4 game. A fun Cartoony Open world RPG that almost looks like a Pixar movie...can't stop think how great that would be!

keegamer801618d ago

I know most are against remastered games. I would love black ops one and two though.

Relientk771618d ago

I would love the Naughty Dog and Insomniac Games collections listed.