Phil Spencer on why Xbox One catching up with PS4's sales isn't his priority

ibtimes: Sony's PS4 continues to sell like hot cakes having recently passed the 25 million mark worldwide compared to Xbox One's 13 million, but Microsoft's Xbox division boss Phil Spencer isn't concerned with playing catch-up. Instead he's focusing on strengthening Xbox's position in the market.

Microsoft has had a good year so far which looks set to finish strong with a line-up of exclusives far beyond that of what the PS4 is offering. Headlined by Rise Of The Tomb Raider and Halo 5: Guardian, there's also Forza Motorsport 6, Fable Legends, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition and the recently released Rare Replay.

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Septic1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

"I honestly don't goal the team on how many units Sony sells,"

Good! Obviously the PS4's domination in sales will definitely be on their radar but if that's how they purely gauge success then they fail already.

"Next year's line-up is pretty incredible, and we haven't even talked about all the games that are coming next year."


Rookie_Monster1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

definitely. A hungry MS under Phil is great for gamers because they will go all the way to win trust back and so far from what we are seeing with the quality and diversity of the games, the incredible values of Remasters, and listening to feedbacks from fans and taking those suggestions to action with big things like BC to little things like improving the bumpers and including an audio jack in the controller are all us xbox owners and potential owners want to hear regardless of what the others are doing. The reward will be there in the end.

And those games coming and more unannounced 2016 games?!!.... wow man, Hyped indeed!

christocolus1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

“A hungry MS under Phil is great for gamers” lol

Well said. I'm so glad Phil is head of Xbox. The team just needs to keep focusing on 1st party and creating more amazing AAA experiences,they need to keep introducing new products and services while improving those currently available. If he remains on this path I'm sure everything will be fine and as good as the 2015 line up is nextyear will surpass it in every way.

“Next year's line-up is pretty incredible, and we haven't even talked about all the games that are coming next year. ” ... Nice.

breakpad1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

it s not his priority because it never gonna happen.....Xone wiht its current library (with only one appealing game coming-Scalebound)is drowning... and grabs its own hair to be saved .....

Septic1624d ago


You're right. His priority is now of bolstering the Xbox One's first party lineup and who can complain about that eh?

die_fiend1624d ago

Does seem like he's got his priorities straight. Some new IPs only on Xbox are all it would take to sell a ton more.

I would get one if there was a single essential title, but don't feel that's come around yet. Maybe Halo 5...

Cindy-rella1624d ago Show
1624d ago
Antwan3k1624d ago


Well, I certainly hope you don't trust Sony then.. Sony's arrogance with the PS3 launch was just as bad, if not worse, than Microsoft's with the Xbox One launch..

People sure do have short and selective memories..

freshslicepizza1624d ago

phil is doing exactly what critics have panned them for yeas on. they dropped kinect and are investing in first party titles and making sure the xbox is first and foremost a game system. so where are the critics now and have they changed their views on the xbox?

johndoe112111624d ago

Let me rephrase the title of this article for you with a more factual title and then maybe you would understand why he isn't interested in catching up:

"Phil Spencer head of the xbox division, the same division that said last gen that the first to 10 million console sales wins the generation, on why Xbox One catching up with PS4's sales isn't his priority now that they were beaten to 10 million and are being outsold 2:1 in sales."

I hope I was able to bring a little more perspective to their level of thinking. now i'll just sit and wait for the disagrees even though everything i just stated can be proven with a 10 second google search.

freshslicepizza1624d ago

"I hope I was able to bring a little more perspective to their level of thinking. now i'll just sit and wait for the disagrees even though everything i just stated can be proven with a 10 second google search."

except you seem to ignore one little ingredient, phil spencer never said that. don mattrick did and where is he now?

johndoe112111624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )


Are you one of those people that actually believe that when these guys make these statements they are just giving their opinion and not the opinion of the company? Don Mattrick didn't have to leave microsoft because he made comments that microsoft didn't agree with, he had to leave because he made public comments that they were making in their boardrooms that should have been kept there.

Do you guys actually think that he was the only one that wanted the xbox one the way it was originally designed? No one man has that power in an organisation like that. Those decisions are made by groups of execs in board meetings after much deliberation. Phil spencer was given a job to change the public view of xbox and that is exactly what he's doing. Do you think he wasn't all for the no used games, DRM packed original xbox one?

Get your head out of microsoft's ...... and use some common sense and stop thinking like a gullible puppet. it's the same with all companies. It's a company decision, it is the way the company thinks, it is what the company want's to do, not just one man. He was the face of microsoft at that time and that was it. He said what they were ALL thinking and did what they ALL agreed on.

Death1623d ago


Did you know Microsoft isn't actually a person? Microsoft doesn't say anything, it's the name of the company. The same logic you are trying to use would also apply to Sony if it were true. I don't think you need a list of stupid things Sony has said in the past to see where this is going.

"It is sometimes better to keep your mouth shut and let others wonder if you are a fool than it is to open your mouth and remove all doubt".

dcbronco1623d ago


Don left because he was losing control. Once he made the comment about the 360 being for people that didn't want always on he sealed his fate. Because at that time the argument being used against it was "what about the troops". A fake argument no doubt, but it came off bad and you knew he was done. He was obviously frustrated at that point.

On topic, I don't think Microsoft has much to worry about. I've said before people are kidding themselves if they think Sony continues this pace for the rest of the generation. There are not suddenly another several hundred million gamers in the world. At that point Microsoft will catch up some. In actuality , Microsoft will catch up as they introduce more cloud based games and reassert the always on enhanced gameplay ability.

Getting that message right will sell consoles.

dantesparda1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

"Phil Spencer on why Xbox One catching up with PS4's sales isn't his priority"

Of course it isnt, cuz they couldnt do it even if they wanted to. And we dont know for a fact if the X1 has sold 13 million yet, MS wont say, and Im not going be that highly inaccurate VGChartz. Any proof they are at 13 million yet? MS is to quiet about it, so i doubt they are even there. Proof please.

Though i do hope they stay alive and well to give Sony a good swift kick in the ass, as they seem to be asleep at the wheel this gen (super slow FW updates, not so many exclusives). Seems like its better for the fanbase when they are the underdog. Last gen, it was Sony that was moving like this and MS that was complacent and now its the other way around. A closer race probably would have been better for all of us.


GTFO here, MS was way more arrogant than Sony ever was with their original X1 plans. Sony aint got nothing on that. Some "fan" see things so twisted.

Well said!

Why? Why would you even assume he doesnt know that. He never said MS is a person and he knows, as we all know, that what he said also applies to Sony and all companies, so why would you jump to such a stupid conclusion? "It is sometimes better to keep your mouth shut and let others wonder if you are a fool than it is to open your mouth and remove all doubt".


Thats a lot of assuming there about Mattrick and LOL at MS eventually catching up some.

miyamoto1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

"Xbox One sales is not our priority."
Looking forward to many comments like that from now on.

So basically this statement of Mr. Spencer officially tells Mr. Aaron Greenburg, Major Nelson & xboxers to "shut up" about sales figures in social media?

The leader of xbox has spoken. I hope his followers follow.

johndoe112111623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )


"It is sometimes better to keep your mouth shut and let others wonder if you are a fool than it is to open your mouth and remove all doubt"

The irony of you calling me a fool after making a completely unnecessary statement after I CLEARLY stated in my comment that it's the same with ALL companies, is staggering. I don't make excuses for sony when they do BS and you obviously are clueless as to how these large corporations work.


Nothing you said there about mattrick is factual or has ever been hinted to by anyone except the part about him pissing on the troops with his statement. And for all you people who seem to have short memories, he wasn't the only one to talk about the importance of the DRM or to piss on their fanbase. So if you think that he was the only one supporting this and who couldn't give a damn about their fanbase get a clue:

jerjef1623d ago

@Razor777 Well when the PS3 launched, a lot of people had a serious issue with the high price of the console. Sony's answer? "If you can't afford a PS3, get a second job."

Real nice. Who ended up all humble and throwing money at fixing the problem, ie. PS+ Free games. The losing console always acts more humble and works harder. Sometimes it's better to be on the losing team and be on the receiving end of a humble company.

OldDude1623d ago


Take your comment back a few years and apply it to everything stupid Sony said and humbled themselves. Haters gotta hate though huh?

Patrick1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Actually you quoted that but I can't find anywhere that anyone at Sony actually said that. What was said was According to Kutaragi, said the PS3 is "for consumers who think to themselves 'I will work more hours to buy one'. We want people to feel that they want it, irrespective of anything else." So was a 2nd job even mentioned? Heck I can't even find that they straight out told anyone to work more to buy one, they just said they wanted people to view the ps3 as such a must have item that they would be willing to work harder to buy one. Don't put words in people's mouths... Or assume you knew the intention in what someone said that was quoted by a news source. If they really said it, show me proof, cause I googled it and could not find it.

IRetrouk1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

@ abt Pricing a console high is the same as trying to stop used games and having a 24 hour check in???????? Also u realise that the xbox one cost 4 pound more than the ps3 did at launch???? Yeah they were arogant but at least they were letting you keep your games lol

Triella1623d ago


I clearly remember MS dropping the XBox as soon as the 360 came out, I remember a large MS barge full of people taunting the gamers who were at the PS3 Paris launch. I also remember MS denying the RROD for two years ... talk about arrogance.

AngelicIceDiamond1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Build games. Just build up that 1st party, release great updates every month, listen to fans through the feedback site and X1 will continue to be a good console.

Give me games that are reminiscent of the OG Xbox. And so far Scalebound and hopefully recore seems to be doing just that. I've told this story before but its true. MS had all these great sales last gen but mean't next to nothing to me because they had no new Ip exclusives for me to play (though indie arcade was on fire on 360)

I PLAY GAMES. MS has no choice anyway but to deliver the goods. So just build great games and the sales are always gonna be there not PS4 like sales but great sales regardless.

princejb1341623d ago

They haven't won my trust back yet. After that little stunt they tried to pull in the beginning with always online connection required. I wouldn't be surprised if in their next Xbox they do put that useless feature in

Spotie1623d ago

I'm actually okay with Rookie_Monster getting a well said.

But Antwan getting a well said for intentional misinterpretation? moldy getting an interesting for a lack of reading comprehension? That's how you can tell this site is out of control.

Half of Cindy's comment is trolling, so I get that, but the other half is right. And, for that matter, so is every person that says it's not like they have a choice.

Outside of something catastrophic happening to Sony or Japan or both, there is just no way the XB1 will catch up. Obviously, then, setting such an unreachable goal is silly.

But you can sure as hell bet they WISH that was a goal within their grasp, or at least within their ability. The only time a company is satisfied with not being on top is when they first enter the fray; any other time, number one is the aim.

It's also silly how eager many of you are to lay EVERY bit of blame on Mattrick, and treat Phil as if he was completely uninvolved with everything that went on prior to him taking the helm.

He towed the company line just like Mattrick. He just didn't flub publicly in the same way.

All that said, Microsoft certainly HAS made a turnaround. Doesn't mean I trust them, though. Call me a fanboy all you want, but I don't know if I ever will, as far as gaming goes. (Enjoying Windows 10 so far. A little problem with my mousepad not working right after installation, but so far so good.)

nix1623d ago

So many "Well said" comments...

When did n4g community become so intelligent?

dcbronco1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

John, you've obviously never seen the interview from when that statement was made. He snapped that reply at the question. If I remember correctly he kinda rolled his eyes and looked away clearly annoyed by it. He was obviously frustrated with the whole uproar about the way Microsoft was being badgered while Sony was skating on the game resell issue. Remember Sony's policy wasn't initially that they wouldn't block used games. It was that it was up to publishers. The double standard was reason to be angry. But that is why someone in his position has to be oblivious of fan boys.

On catching up to the PS4 I should explain that it may never catch or pass it, but the idea that Sony will sell twice as many consoles as Microsoft for the generation is a joke. It will max at a fifteen million unit gap and become closer from there out. If Teh Cloud proves to be an exclusive feature, like I believe it will this generation, that changes everything. Microsoft will start to catch up sooner rather than later.

In fact, if it is exclusive, we will definitely see a PS5 announced this decade if not launched in 2020. Teh Cloud would then allow Microsoft to wait a couple of years and then leapfrog the PlayStation in technology. There are far too many new technologies coming for anything to be cutting edge for more than a few months. High bandwidth memory is already getting an upgrade next year that's twice as fast. APUs will be getting HBM on the chip next year. Then there are new CPU architectures like VISC that could really change computing in the next couple of years that will drastically increase compute power in even smaller packages. Nintendo has a huge opportunity with NX if they are willing to spend a little money. If they do it would turn into a three horse race. So current PS4 sales aren't guaranteed.


The whole blame Mattick thing is based on being the boss. When you are put in charge of a division of a major company you have final say. With that comes final blame also. That's why you read Phil talking about watching a run through of the E3 or Gamescon conferences. I'm sure he doesn't know every aspect of putting on those shows but he knows what feels right to him. Being a leader in a position like that is like being a wall. You surround yourself with really smart people and they throw things at you. Concepts, theories, facts and random --it they pull out of their as--s. You decide if it sticks. And you keep your job based on whether or not it works out. The extreme level of the decisions made by every US president has caused their hair to turn gray during their time in office.

XBLSkull1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Catching up? In sales maybe, in every other way the Xbox One has left the PS4 in the dust. Games, features, services, updates, etc, etc...

UnHoly_One1623d ago

You guys and your continuing hate for a "24 hour check in", which would have affected exactly ZERO of us here.

I can't remember the last time my internet was down for ONE hour, let alone 24.

Plus it never happened, but go ahead and act like MS personally came to your house and pimp slapped your mom or whatever.

The fact is, with the exception of a tiny graphical difference, the Xbox One is a better console in every way.

I think you all are jealous that you put all your eggs in the wrong basket.

johndoe112111623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )


What double standard???? It has ALWAYS been up to publishers whether they want to install DRM on their games or not. Sony simply stated that nothing was gonna change. A hardware manufacturer CANNOT dictate how a third party publisher creates their games unless the manufacturer is publishing said game.

That is a very weak and baseless argument that the xbox fanboys try to use to throw doubt and speculation on sony because of microsoft's screwu-ps. Especially since sony made it clear since FEBRUARY of 2013 that they were not gonna do DRM. People like you always seem to conveniently forget that.

Microsft deserved to be badgered due to their blatant anti-consumer policies, if you think any different then you were part of the problem and thank GOD that there were less people like you. Sony was given a pass because they stated months before that they were NOT about to implement those sort of policies. So please, take that trolling crap elsewhere. You are living in a world of denial and blind fanboyism.

Bnet3431623d ago

Yup agreed I do not think they should focus on outselling the PS brand. Just keep the games coming and keep up the great fan service. I said this before and I will say this again: Underdog Microsoft is best. Look at all the games they are giving the fans and features. It's great.

4Sh0w1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Yeah I agree they cant catch up(worldwide), so no reason for Phil to focus on sales in regards to "catching sony", however the good news for Xbox fans is they dont need to and currently all it does is make them work even harder to bring more content and features to Xbox fans. I couldn't be much happier with what Phil is doing.

Phil does comment on sales from time to time, like the positives of X1 selling better than 360, but he's smart enough to know that what Xbox fans and potential new buyers want to hear about is games, games, games and the plans for the future of X1. I mean either way we dont get paid if they sell more but more importantly with Microsoft as the underdog they are giving Phil freedom to do what he does best and Phil has the right mindset so far, which is why Xbox owners are benefitting from his vision,(just look at the amazing lineup so far this gen)....its no different than when devs are creating a game, they could focus on "how do we beat COD popularity?" or you know they could just make the best game they possibly can based on their own aspirations for greatness. In that regard imo they are definitely "winning".

Keep up the good work Phil!

Lifendz1623d ago

Just make great games I can't get anywhere else but Xbone. Stop with the timed exclusives and lets see some real exclusives. Make first party software that is intriguing and new, not just derivative uninspired shovel ware. Phil inherited the X1 and he's doing the best he can with it. If it weren't for him, I think MS would be doing much worse this gen. You just know the next Xbox console will right the wrongs that were committed with the X1.

JWiLL5521623d ago

I don't have an X1 yet (waiting for Tomb Raider), but can I join in on this back patting, well said circlejerk?

Phil Spencer is a cool dude, I can see why dudebro nation has such a huge broner for him.

+ Show (30) more repliesLast reply 1623d ago
FlexLuger1624d ago

Agreed. This gen is pretty much gonna play out how its gonna play out anyway. What matters is that they just focus on the things they have been focusing on since phil took the wheel. Games, studios and constant improvements to the hardware and service. MS have delivered so far and continue to do so.

Sony have won this cycle but so what? xbox is not going anywhere. Its become a vastly more important product to its parent company. Its future secure ..and VERY exciting. The exclusives are better than ever. XBL is better than ever.W10 is SWEET! W10 on xbox will be SWEET! Azure proved it handles physics better than any console and will be doing a hell of a lot more in future xbox exclusives. backwards compatability works like a dream. And there is more to come.

I can ride out this gen like this.MS gunning hard with the games. XBL and the xbox OS constantly improving. Xbox-PC cross play and cross buy. They have even convinced me to get a W10 phone and a surface to compliment my two W10 PCs and W10 ready xbox. Well done MS.

Rookie_Monster1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Well said Flex,

The Wii U was the champ last Gen in terms of sales numbers and that doesn't really mean much to X360 owners so same will happen here and I expect the XB1 to be the most successful console MS had ever made. The games and innovations thus far are proofs of that and by the time BC rolls around this holidays, more X360 owners will migrate over. It is a beautiful thing.

If second place means we continue to get things like BC, Free BC games like Fallout 3 and All 4 Gears with new games, 2 free X360 BC Live gold games per month, External HDD support, $30 for 30 games, 8 confirmed exclusives for 2016 and more to come due to MS being the aggressor, heck, stays where you are MS. :D

IrishSt0ner1624d ago

Really is a pleasure using the full ecosystem of Phone, Tablet, PC and Xbox. Sony has forced a new open community driven approach in Xbox gaming, which can only be great for everyone involved.

FlexLuger1624d ago


I was looking forward to the idea but it REALLY set in on me , when I upgraded to W10. Just using the xbox app, trying out a few fgree games on the windows store and seeing acheivement getting unlocked to my xbox gamerscore. Thats the moment I took the idea more seriously. I look forward to being in my studio on my music PC and just streaming something like neverwinter to it from my xbox...while being on xbox party chat...on my PC. It might get a bit distracting, but atleast I can farm astral diamonds and favours of linus while doing some actual work, on my other two screens :). or just stream it to the surface and keep my third screen free for web browsing, like I always do.

Antwan3k1624d ago


Well said, sir. I feel the exact same way

1623d ago
Ashlen1623d ago

I have to question why you would stream the laggy 720p/30fps console port of Neverwinter to a PC when you could play the PC version at 1080P+ 60fps+.

I get what you're saying but you could have chose a better game for your example.

Magicite1623d ago

You cant keep up for too long when you are in losers seat. Look at any poor-selling console, they all lost support pretty fast, despite having great library early on.

FlexLuger1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

"I have to question why you would stream the laggy 720p/30fps console port of Neverwinter to a PC when you could play the PC version at 1080P+ 60fps+."

Because 30 or so of my friends play that way too on Xbox one. Ill take playing with my friends at 30FPS over 60FPS with just 4 people I know who can run the game on their PCs. Besides I got plenty other games I can only play on PC.

"I get what you're saying but you could have chose a better game for your example."

I suppose, I could have said forza or halo or something, but yeah..Neverwinter is on my mind! lol. Im going to be playing it tonight for sure.

AngelicIceDiamond1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Ok @Flex is known to troll but he actually has a point here.

The service, the games, new controller, even the philosophy to ensure more 1st party exclusives for X1. etc. has gotten vastly better on X1. So well said he didn't troll in his comment at all everything he said was right.

@Fruit "The only peple who are defensive and cant face facts are the xbox fanboys who still cant comprehend why ps4 is selling so well."

Keyword defensive. In order to defend someone has to attack right? Lately Sony fans have always been the ones attacking Xbox. You guys attacked, DX12 and Cloud the hardest. Its indies support, 1st party support. Thanks for admitting what I already know Sony fans attacking everything Xbox.

So your really pushing the fact that somehow Xbox fans care about why PS4 selling well when in reality, in my case at least, I don't really care. What I do care about is when I can see the next Scalebound gameplay or when they're gonna show off Recore.

It all goes back to the games and features and that what I'll continue to do because I'm a gamer that wants good gaming experiences.

_-EDMIX-_1623d ago

@Flex- "The exclusives are better than ever"


"OS constantly improving. Xbox-PC cross play and cross buy"

? They no longer seem to be doing exclusives and are heading towards multiplatform as they are doing that right now.

Many seem to have this huge elephant in the room where they don't want to bring up that MS isn't favoring making XONE exclusives any longer as look at the PC titles being announced, look at what they've stated about XONE as a "plastic box" that is no longer at the center focus etc.

They want to sell software on PC and XONE, thus...they have plans to keep doing XONE only titles, with what Phil is doing, they won't have any more exclusives, they will merely be a multiplatform publisher and developer seeking to make money on software on PC and on XONE.

It makes lots of sense and will help them bring back their groove on PC. Though I know many XONE fans hate hearing that....get the emotional and personal bias out of the room.

Business-wise they are saying they want to sell software everywhere, thus this concept of exclusive to XONE to sell XONE's is likely going away as they've hinted at this many, many times during interviews.

I agree with everything your saying too, this is a great time for them and not competing directly against Sony really helps as they can now just bank on software.

dcbronco1623d ago

Irish the new all Windows ecosystem has nothing to do with Sony actually. It was something Microsoft has been working on for years. It started under Steve Ballmer. I'll try to find the link again, I believe it was a Znet article about Ballmer pushing it back in 2003 or so. Windows 10 is just the culmination of that work.

Fantangoooo1623d ago

well said flex,

phils path is just what this console needs perfect 10 from me.. future looks AMAZING.. hehe

+ Show (10) more repliesLast reply 1623d ago
Blaze9291624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

when there's people who still believe Xbox One can't play used games so they buy a PS4 - what can you do lol.

I feel like he isn't concerned with sales right now because he knows it's all been word of mouth without any real content for PS4. Xbox's lineup has been getting better and better, OS better and better, the Xbox division overall better and better, now XBox 360 backwards compatibility on Xbox One. Apps, features etc.

Through that & continued good content, it's only a matter of time before Xbox naturally rises.

I don't think it's impossible to be honest. They just have to "re-invent" the people's public opinion of Xbox One. All that, can't do 1080p can't play used games blah blah mess still haunts them.

ger23961624d ago

So there's no real content on the ps4? And if the ps4 has been able to sell 25 million units on word of mouth, that's real impressive. Imagine how many they'll sell when their big title come out.

Angeljuice1624d ago

"when there's people who still believe Xbox One can't play used games so they buy a PS4 - what can you do lol."

That is completely down to Microsoft's stupidity with the initial announcement.

As for your comment about PS4 has no games and sells on "word of mouth" it just shows how stupid some people are.

When was the last MS exclusive? Sony has released a steady stream all year, MS just craps out a few at Christmas.

The public view is that PS4 can do anything the X1 can do plus more, and do it better.

Why would anybody buy an inferior product over a superior one (public opinion) unless it's considerably cheaper?

I think MS has done an admirable job of rescuing the bone from the edge of the abyss, but they will never turn the tide this generation.

FlexLuger1624d ago

"So there's no real content on the ps4?"

I think he means system selling exclusives.

"And if the ps4 has been able to sell 25 million units on word of mouth, that's real impressive."

It pretty much is the way it goes. people buy what their friends have. We like to argue on here about exclusives but lets be the real world, the critical mass that is the casual gamer just buys these consoles for COD, sports, AC and the odd break out like the witcher 3, that sails past a million sold. Halo, GT and mario are system sellers that can sway people to buy a console outside of big third party games that so many people buy every year without fail. We already know the fall charts will consist of halo, forza,TR, fifa, madden, starwars and of course COD, probably occupying the top of sales charts all over the world. For for of those games...the platform people decide to play it will be decided by word of mouth from their friends.

Sony launched PS4 to a lot a good will, that was a direct result of the negative backlash to the XB1. they stayed quite and said "we are not doing DRM and you can have used games"...that is what got them in the door first. MS own missteps has everything to so with the current state of play. But that is a whole other topic for another article.

trouble_bubble1624d ago

If by word of mouth you mean people not wanting to wait until Xmas to play some new exclusives, sure. Or does a fossil compilation with Battletoads and Cobra Triangle ports from 25 years ago now count as new?

n4rc1624d ago

oh you goalpost moving folks make my morning..

you never stop bitching about "waiting" for holidays yet all those games that released earlier this year still exist on your console right?

imagine that... when those holiday games are still available next year..

the president of the damn company is quoted as saying this holiday is "sparse"

"We are working very hard to continue very strong support from third-party pubs and devs," House said. "Our first-party lineup is a little sparse this year, so I think this places even greater emphasis on getting good third-party support.""

stop being so damn defensive about everything and accept whats right in front of your face

FlexLuger1623d ago

"If by word of mouth you mean people not wanting to wait until Xmas to play some new exclusives, sure. Or does a fossil compilation with Battletoads and Cobra Triangle ports from 25 years ago now count as new?"

Funny thing is I didnt even mention rare replay amongst the list of games that I did list. talk about putting words in my mouth. lol. in your haste to to activate defense mode you sort of missed that, didnt you? As it goes, though its a highly rated collection. scoring higher than most PS4 exclusives, even. But I didnt mention it. You did. Thanks for reminding me of that though.

In your haste to insult that said collection and act like its the only thing xbox gamers have been playing, you obviously missed the part where xbox gamers have been playing ori, neverwinter,elite, the long dark and smite all summer. maybe you forgot the part about gears remaster releasing this month, i dunno. Maybe that last sentence comes up as a blur in your fanboy goggles..forbidding you to see what has actually been released on xbox in the last few months. Hard to tell with you guys anymore.

Blaze9291623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )


"The public view is that PS4 can do anything the X1 can do plus more, and do it better. "

You just proved my whole point lol. And we ALL know, that - is not true. For one, PS4 can't even play CDs still....can you watch LIVE TV on your PS4? DVR? Snap apps and gaming? DLNA streaming? The huge number of apps Xbox One has? Xbox LIVE chat quality is miles ahead of PSN. Cloud gaming?

All these things the PS4 straight up, at the time of write, CANNOT do - yet the public opinion is "The public view is that PS4 can do anything the X1 can do plus more, and do it better. "

Lmao be real. That is the ENTIRE issue. The public view of PS4 vs Xbox One is an incorrect one led by word of mouth, lies, and bad marketing on Microsoft's behalf for the Xbox One.

So you just prove my point honestly. Public opinion and word of mouth selling PS4s on facts that are simply not true lol.


You nailed it right on the head buddy. That's exactly what I'm saying.

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hades071624d ago

I am glad Phil is taking that mentality. Let a great product speak for itself and the customers will come. Unlike Mr. Mattrick before, lets produce as many gimmicks as possible and hope consumers accept it.
This is like the early years of the 360. Great, creative games coming out along with established IPs. Not every single game having some form of kinect involved.

UnwanteDreamz1623d ago

Really. You think Donl made all decisions on the Xbox brand himself? You think Don was responsible for the gimmicks?

This naive thinking is why companies just change executives when things don't go well. Why would a multi-billion dollar company put its success in the hands of one man?

They wouldn't.

Leaguer1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

amazing how gullible the xbone kiddies are in believing that savior spencer was never part of the group that initially decided what stupid "features" their console would have on its release. but then again, its THE xbone community we are talking about here. as they say, a fool and his money are easily carry on.. :D

hades071623d ago

No I dont think Don made all the decisions himself but he was the boss of Xbox and lead the team. As a boss you are the one making said decisions. His comments were very pro-business and less gamer-centric.
Is Phil still making decisions to make money? Yes. But at least with him at the helm studios like Rare are given freedom to pursue actual games and not collections of Kinect mini games because he realizes that is what gamers want or there will be a lot of backlash again.
@ Leaguer So are you saying that because I bought an Xbox one I am a fool who wasted my money?

Leaguer1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

well if you bought it due to the recent flowery promises of benevolent ms and savior spencer, then i have bad news for you......

hades071623d ago

No, I bought it because I owned a 360, fell in love with the franchises, achievements and having the same system to play MP as my friends and wanted to carry over those experiences.

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Pogmathoin1624d ago

Well said Cindy and breakpad..... I suppose every new game on your own alleged console is innovative brilliance....

slappy5081624d ago

I love that they still have to reveal games coming out next year. As much as I'm hyped for Quantam break and Scalebound, they were announced far too early IMO. It's much better revealing a game a bit closer to release eg fallout 4, Gears of war ultimate edition

guyman1623d ago

I agree, Quantum break especially. That was announced at E3 2013. Scalebound at last year's E3 as well as crackdown, it's far too early.

slappy5081623d ago

I'm not sure why people would disagree, waiting 3 years for a game? Must he helluva more patient than I am lol

lastking951623d ago

Quantum break was supposed to release in 2015 but do to overcrowding it was delayed to 2016.

lastking951623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Most of the announcements 2 years ahead of time are cgi trailers and leave you to wonder what GP will be like such as Scalebound.

fishy11623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )


fishy11623d ago

Its simple, sony fans entire E3 hype was based on games coming in 3-5 years...... So, now that sony made it a "thing". The drones will follow and announce years ahead of actual content......

slappy5081623d ago

Fishy well at least Final fantasy 7 fans can now get hyped for ps5s launch title :p