Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain New Gameplay Video Showcases Active Sonar

A new Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain gameplay video has surfaced online, showcasing the Active Sonar tool

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Summons751623d ago

I feel we are getting to the point where a lot of leaked copies and spoilers are going to start flowing....might be time to go on media blackout to avoid spoilers.

bmf73641623d ago

Agreed. MGS is just filled with so much story and Kojima said that this MGS will tell more of it throughout the gameplay than cutscenes.

Dynasty20211623d ago

The V Logs from Konami are just small cuts of footage from E3/Gamescom etc trailers.

You're not seeing anything new here.

endzeitkind1623d ago

nope, iam going not to use it. either i see the enemys with my very own eyes or not. wont use the "mark" enemy thingy either, cause iam playin on ultra recon mode ;) like it was in the roots. this mark option is for casual gamers imo.

endzeitkind1622d ago

so you are a casual gamer then?

SlightlyRetarted1623d ago

"like it was in the roots"

But gameplay wise Phantom Pain is nothing like it's roots. From narrow level desing to full open world. And i would say that Soliton Radar with pinpoint enemy locations and fields of vision is more casual than marked enemies. Active Sonar markings stay maybe 5-10 second on the screen before they disappear.

FullmetalRoyale1623d ago

Absolutely. I have a marked guy around the corner in Ground Zeroes, and I have to still be patient because he doesn't constantly appear through the walls. I can't be sure whether or not he's facing me, so I wait, and it feels very rewarding(since I am the one that scouted him out in the first place. I think it is way more interesting than cones on a mini map, as much as I adore the other Metal Gear games.
And whatever the hell they just showed here will be something you will have to earn in the first place(going by my time with Peace Walker).

Ahytys1623d ago

"in the roots" you always had a map showing where the soldiers are.

endzeitkind1622d ago

i played on hard more, where no radar is visible.

JoeMcCallister1623d ago

This video has been around for a little bit, but I like the way the game handles multiple ways to spot enemies - in my time with the game I had more fun using Diamond Dog (DD) way more. As you move in a direction he'll spot for you and can take commands to take out another guard a few feet away while you interrogate his buddy. Not to mention a dog that can use a knife is just great.

FullmetalRoyale1623d ago

Yeah I liked that love they showed where DD distracted a guard so you could take out the other. All these different options will add legitimate replay value to an already massive game. If you just do everything once it's going to take a long time, and I plan on doing it a lot more than once. :)

JoeMcCallister1623d ago

For sure - I got 2 days with the game and it wasn't nearly enough - a good sign I'll like a game is that feeling of wanting to jump right back in and I've had that ever since I put the controller down. If past work is any indication too this will be a game you'll find things and pick up on years later. Truly can't wait to see the finished product. As a bonus the wife is out of town that week, and my priorities have changed from drinking all night to taking down that son of a bitch Skullface.