Exoplanet is a Gritty Space Western RPG for Hardcore Survivalists

Exoplanet: First Contact is a gritty action RPG based on a backwater planet in the middle of what is essentially a new gold rush. Survival is hard, and making it rich is even harder. The game is made using a custom in house game engine, it is inspired by games like Fallout, movies like Star Wars, and TV shows like Firefly. You can even choose to enable realistic settings and have to take care that you eat, drink, and sleep, or risk your mental and physical health. On top of that there is a perk system, and an in depth crafting system built into the game.

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_-EDMIX-_1620d ago

Wow, want to know more about the team and its history. Will back if it has a strong team (if anyone I might know tbh).

PS4 pledge goal and I'll likely back, might still back even if its just PC for now.

s45gr321620d ago

yay another great pc exclusive