What we want from the Resident Evil 2 Remake

From GameWatcher: "In case you were hiding under a rock this past day, or locked in a productivity-sapping, time-warping binge of Hearthstone, you might have missed the news that Capcom has finally decided to pull the trigger on a full-fat, all-the-sugar remake of beloved survival horror sequel Resident Evil 2. Once the cerebrum eroding thrum of this monumental announcement subsides however, we’re left with the very real question of now that Resident Evil 2 Remake is a thing, a proper real thing, what exactly do we want from it?"

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JamieReleases1622d ago

I would love to see some kind of Mercenaries mode once it's been completed. I loved the Sega Saturn version of Resident Evil for that reason. Added something extra to it.

Jaqen_Hghar1622d ago

A man wants it to be action-packed like RE5 only with more boulder punching! Let's George Lucas Special Edition the hell outta this thing just to piss off the fans!

Smitty20201622d ago

I want a nemesis remake is that number 3?

Jaqen_Hghar1621d ago

yes and a man's favorite! Nemesis lived up to his name so well. A man still remembers crapping himself when hiding in the police station and he heard the glass break

JamieReleases1622d ago

Haha, that would be awful, I certainly hope that doesn't happen. A man puts his trust in Capcom.

filchron1622d ago

I want it to use Panta Rhei engine and look almost Pre-rendered like how the backgrounds were. Also no need to put it on last gen. A PS4 can be bought for as low as 200$ used nowadays if you know where to look. I havent bought one yet but Im going to be able to get one once this comes out. no follow camera or contextual karate please Capcom. I wouldnt mind detailed 3D backgrounds but really really nice pre-rendered next-gen ones would be cool for the oldschool fans to see.

Smitty20201622d ago

And zombies that aren't 100m sprinters :)

cfc781622d ago

No release date yet.

@ Capcom, lets keep a classic a classic.

gantarat1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

- No release date yet.

i know .

- @ Capcom, lets keep a classic a classic.

i'm pretty sure gameplay would be classic because i don't think capcom make big budget RE game beside Main Series (i hope more budget than REV Series )

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The story is too old to be commented.