Rocket League's Supersonic Fury DLC now available on PS4 and PC

Rocket League's first batch of DLC has now gone on sale for the delightfully low prices of £3.29 on PS4 and £2.79 on PC. Psyonix has included in the pack 2 new cars, six new decals for each of them, five new pain types, two new rocket boosts and two new wheel sets.

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Maxor1622d ago

This game is a huge sleeper hit. I mean who thought soccer with cars would catch on?

WeAreLegion1622d ago

When SSARPBC came out, I thought everyone would love it.

It took a few years, but with the right release date, it finally caught on. Psyonix deserves this win. I'm glad they got it.

Grimhammer001621d ago

Has the fan revving been patched yet? Not on my ps4...sure menus are now fine, but during play it still taxes my gets loud!

Eidolon1621d ago

I opened up my brothers 1.5 year old PS4 and dusted/vacuumed the crap out of it. Cleaned the fan with Q-tips, vacuumed the heatsink, and air dusted the inside of the PSU, and now it's so much more silent, almost like a new one. Before it would rev loud even on YouTube and I just couldn't take, I'm a stickler for fan noise and heat.