Tom Clancy's The Division graphics comparison

The Division is without a doubt one of the most anticipated games, scheduled next year. First time ever the game was shown to wide audience was during Ubi's E3 2013 Press Conference. And gamers across the world were speachless. Back then it looked just awesome.
Wanna know how it looked like comparing to this year's gameplay?
Just check this video. 2013 vs 2014 vs 2015 compared side-by-side.

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hiredhelp1623d ago

Oh here we go.. Let it go the final product will always change there reason for slight visual downgrade. Its still going be good game if your soo upset cos this then dont buy it.

cyckiewicz1623d ago

I'm not arguing if the game is good or bad. Just wanted to show that another time we've been seduced.

Summons751623d ago

Why...all 3 look fantastic but games are about gameplay not graphics.

fathertime19801623d ago

I think the gameplay is what's suppossed to saduce you. However at least you are honest in your comment. Your a graphics whore and that's ok.

Dynasty20211623d ago

PC players have said the downgrade would happen since day one.

We were right, AGAIN.

Lamboomington1623d ago

The footage they showed off in 2015 was PS4. I don't understand how people expect them to make it look as good as some monster PC demo in 2013, before the consoles even came out.

They're not downgrading it, they're getting it to run on consoles.

Literally the only place that the word 'downgrade' makes sense is on PC, because that's where you have a range of hardware, and OPTIONS for some people to push graphics further.

trenso11623d ago

Why? The game still looks good you graphic mongrels are bringing a game down for now reason. Some of the best games off all time don't look half as good as the ones today but you people just grasp pixels and textures. If you all you care for is pretty visuals just watch avatar on repeat or some other movie. You can't play graphics so give it up no one was seduced I wasnt interested in this game because it looked pretty as you imply I was interested because it looked fun

starchild1622d ago

Pointless apples to oranges comparison. If you aren't comparing the same exact place under the same lighting and weather conditions it's a pointless comparison that can't prove or disprove a downgrade.

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frelyler1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

It's false advertisement, plain and simple and it is wrong. If the game is going to change then state that it will not look this good. Make it very clear it is a target version being run on very powerful pc's and consoles simply won't look this good. People preorder based on graphics and promises. Any other industry people don't put up with this crap so why should videogame consumers? Graphics do nott make a game, but I'm always interested in new tech and seeing boundaries being pushed. I simply can't enjoy that anymore because the graphics never match the reveals, so I have to wait for real world results whcih have yet to not disappoint based on what was promised. It's a crappy practice and it must be stopped. Fallout 4 is a great example of how to do it right, they showed their engine and while I was underwhelmed initially, I have come to appreciate them and realize that will be what I get in day one.

Angeljuice1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Then stop looking at reveals and reserve your judgement for the real thing. Problem solved.

They start with target renders to show you their vision of the game. Target renders are kept within the constraints of the hardware in question, its what they intend to produce for that system.

All development encounters problems and compromises which effect the final product, its inevitable.

There is no intention to lie about the product quality from the beginning, it just so happens that usually that vision becomes comprimised upon materialisation into reality.

frelyler1623d ago


Okay, then think off something you enjoy. Now cut yourself off from all news or upcoming news or events for that hobby you enjoy. Nope, you are no longer allowed to research your hobby, only purchase the final product and hope it is good. Do you see why your suggestion is ridiculous and completely off base. Your attitude is why publishers think they can pull this crap. Go away please!

fathertime19801623d ago

Fry no one says you can't look forward to it. However maybe tou should show a little restraint and not get a heart on over a promotional video of a game that's not even a 10th finished. It says promo for a reason, demo for a reason, target graphics for a reason, etc etc. I could go on, but i have the distinct feeling I'm responding to someone that is either overly criticle in life, young, immature, hasnt2really earned a thing yet in life, or has been overly coddled

Lamboomington1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Don't understand people's mentality on this.
They showed the PS4 version in 2015. I get that the PC version is also probably downgraded, but that's besides the point. The 2013 PC version was showed BEFORE CONSOLES WERE RELEASED.

Devs overestimated console's raw power, so they have to tone things down to get it running now. It's that simple - it's just common sense.

Sorry, but they can't keep their 'promises' when the hardware they got was just much less powerful than they estimated. It's not them being deceptive, it's something they can't do anything about.

Please, people, use some common sense. The EXACT SAME THING happened with the Witcher 3. I'll bet that most of the people bashing Ubisoft are fine with the Witcher 3 visual downgrade. The same thing happened to both companies for the games they showed at that point in time. So calm down and stop bashing Ubisoft if you aren't willing to do the same to CDPR. Other issues with their games are irrelevant to this particular topic.

It's not them being deceptive, it was just unfortunate timing. I will repeat, literally the exact same thing happened to the Witcher 3, which was also revealed at that time. People seem to be fine with that though.

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mogwaii1623d ago

Oh here we go again, another doormat gamer with no standards, willing to lay down and let companies lie, misrepresent and deceive. Good on ya mate.

hiredhelp1623d ago

I aint a doormat please use some respect, plus I don't know you so cant be your mate.
However it seems many disagree thats cool.

@1nsomniac we people as you call It say it as we see it,yes im alomost certain this kinda thing happends before the whole train comparison fiasco started, Just watchdogs was really shown off on PC the publisher didnt correct anyone led us to belieave inc myself this was going to be how we would play it.
that clearly wasnt the case also 2012 show cased many other games secretly running on PC trying claim was console. Yes publishers where wrong but downgrades do happen FACT just not always shown.

I Do prefer when devs state this early stages this may not resemble final product much like demos used to say something along them lines.
but hey If they did im sure we get hate articles about that, I will make my comments take whatever constructive critisim comes my way inc my appauling spelling grammer.
again just my oppinion not hating on anyone doesnt get us anywere lets Game on.

1nsomniac1623d ago

"Let it go the final product will always change" - Since when!?

Where do you people come from. Your so far from the truth that you've convicted yourself that it's ok. For some reason you newcomers to gaming think that this behaviour is normal & that's worrying!

This downgrade crap is relatively new. It happened extremely rarely in this past & caused uproar. Now it's the usual & even expected. Kids don't seem to understand that this is wrong. Again that's worrying because it's just simple common sense. If it's a target render then you simply can't claim that this is current gameplay footage, you label it as target render because that's what it is. I don't understand how you can't understand that.

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hiredhelp1623d ago

Most 3rd party games shown at events specially early builds there to look good get people pumped.
Its a selling point but come on really many also look for something new and core gameplay or story ect ect..
I understand why you want to point out the downgrades but sometimes I feel its to put people off or start putting Ubi EA whoever down.
Anyways my thoughts nothin personal at you man.

Smitty20201623d ago

disagrees already. Like some1 said before if you don't like the game don't buy it. Ppl always complain about visuals but visuals don't make a game good and you guys need to get a grip

fathertime19801623d ago

I couldn't agree with you more smitty. Unfortunantly now a days people can't wipe their own butts let alone think for their selves and apply some common sense. It was a target/reveal demo. Does anyone on this site even know what false advertisement is? Complaining about a promotional demo comparison is just plain rediculas

Chaosdreams1623d ago


There are a lot of people who complain to complain. However, there are also those who point out what bothers them, both factual and theoretical.

The game, like others before it, is presented in a certain light. It gets everyone hyped up. We are told "this is what we are aiming for" which translates to "we will get there, so pre order now." It's a mental game. They know people judge a game on its graphics, especially since graphics are the easiest thing to judge when you don't have the game in your hands.

So we like what we see, and when we find out down the road that the game is nowhere near it in comparison, we get upset, we proclaim false advertisement (as it treads that boundary, and would not be acceptable in any other industry.)

It's not ridiculous. What's ridiculous is them feeling the need to show a promotional demo they can never reach. If it can't be done, don't show it. Simple.

Wallow1623d ago

The problem isn't the downgrade, it's that ubisoft always announces a game to early falsely advertising the graphics and then when the game is later shown it looks like less not "bad" the game actually looks good just not as before.

Lamboomington1623d ago

No, it's just that Ubisoft revealed a bunch of games back when they didn't even know the console specs.

Once consoles did come out, they had to tone things down because they had less power than the devs estimated. The exact same thing happened to Witcher 3 which was revealed at the time.

So, no, you can't say they were being deceptive or were falsely advertising. The timing was just unfortunate, as was the fact that they overestimated next gen power. You cannot say Ubisoft were being deceptive unless you are willing to say the same about CDPR with TW3.

fathertime19801623d ago

I preorder based on gameplay. Too many prople have grown to care about the level of graphical detail!
It truly does amaze me that on the same site were people boast about the bumber of games the ps4 has because of all the indies that so many complain and claim false advertisement when it comes to the graphics of a none commercial trailer. If you got your hopes up because of a trailer at an attention grabing games conference than you lack common sense! It's a demo promo not a commercial. You can easily tell how old people are and their emotinal maturity just by the level of their xomments on this site!

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