Blizzard is open to Activision franchises in Heroes of the Storm

In an interview with IGN Benelux, Lead Game Producer of Heroes of the Storm, Kaeo Milker, said that he and the team are open to franchises of Activision. Overwatch heroes can also be added sooner to the popular MOBA than expected.

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Sureshot1624d ago

I smell a destiny crossover

jordanign1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Ye absolutely. I think some of those characters in Heroes of the Storm would be hilarious :)!

pompombrum1624d ago

What Characters? The only person in Destiny with any sort of personality is Dinklebot.

3-4-51624d ago

Destiny Warlock in Heroes of the Storm would be awesome.

Lokoline1624d ago

Don't you dare to put Crash Bandicoot.

ColManischewitz1624d ago

Activision publishes Transformers. So how about ... Megatron?

Summons751624d ago

Welp, expect the game to be ruined by every single COD character....which is only one but his face changes from game to game.

Ravenor1623d ago

I'd take a Captain Price character. His ult makes his mustache grow.

Crowserk1623d ago

Bro. How could you forget Soap? o.O