You Can Beat Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture in Under 5 Minutes… Without the Run Button

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture forces you to crawl to completion in the alluring, detailed world. Here's how this Youtube user beat it in five minute.

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ArchangelMike1625d ago

I played this a game and completed it the same day. I liked the story telling, but the pacing is way too slow. The 'run' speed is barely any different that the walk speed. But I hear that a patch is coming for that.

It's a good game if you have the patience for it. But I know a whole lot of people who just won't be able to chill at and take it all in. The dialogues, the characters, the radio messages, the music and ambience, it all adds up to a very moving story about loss and existentialism.

Kurisu1625d ago

I bought it yesterday but I haven't had a chance to play it yet. I bought The Vanishing of Ethan Carter last week but haven't played it for that long, so it will be interesting to see how both experiences compare to each other.

ArchangelMike1625d ago

Yeah, I want to pick The Vanishing of Ethan Carter as well, but I don't know now that I'v played Rapture?!?

NukaCola1625d ago

You can beat Gone Home is 2 minutes if you already played it and know what to do. First time I spent a couple hours,enjoying having the game and story unfold. Sad people who make articles on this, ruining the experience, taking away from the art.

Obscure_Observer1625d ago

Seems like my type of game. *_*

Bubble + for beeing helpful!


tuglu_pati1625d ago

Wow! 5 minutes thats really short.


Especially since the player is only in control for 2 minutes of the video, the other 3min is cut scenes...

LordMaim1624d ago

Using a glitch. Something that is in the article, but not in the title.

ziggurcat1625d ago

i'm not going to watch the video because i'm in the middle of it right now, but i'm suspecting that there's a spot in the game you need to get to in order to finish the game, it's near the beginning, and you can pretty much just go straight to the ending right away?

if yes, then it's exactly like myst - you can finish that game in less than one minute once you realize the end is right at the very beginning of the game.

christian hour1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

exactly, and playing it that way is basically the same as buying a game and throwing it in the bin XD I can see people running with this headline and being like "lol ps4 exclusives are all short, like the order" or some balls jargon like that.

This game had the same impact on me as some of my favourite books, and it turned out it was about a lot of stuff me and my friends talk about and discuss on late, drug fueled nights XD after I finished it (i spread it out over 3 days, 2 hour sessions) I went out on to my balcony and felt a strange sense of serenity and peace, and sat there long after my cup of tea went cold and id run out of cigarettes.

Unforgettable experience. But I fully recognise it's not for everybody. For some people, video"games" can only be one thing, a game. Personally I prefer to the term "Interactive Entertainment", it allows for a wider variety of digital experiences outside of traditional games.

Glad to hear you're enjoying it, and good to hear you enjoy often overlooked games like Myst etc. I thought i'd gotten EVERYTHING, but that trophy for "witness the full story" never popped, so i guess I missed a few scenes about the place. I still felt like I got the full story though, was able to piece it together, Hope you like the ending :)

*edit* If you're going to disagree, at least join in on the conversation, it's our differing opinions that makes life and people so interesting, and debate is always good and healthy.

uth111625d ago

That would be some 'speed run' except 'speed' and 'run' are antithetical to this game! /s

Dynasty20211625d ago

Still bragging about your exclusives now?

Short, dull game, again. Put this and The Order £18.86 into the "what were they thinking" bin.

scark921625d ago

Wow, please get us out of this torture and share what YOU play so we can follow you into your interests since their obviously superior.

Eiyuuou1625d ago

Then we'll throw you in the "what were you thinking when you commented this" bin.

mike32UK1625d ago

This game is £15 and i got just short of 8 hours out of it... Stop with your drivel about games you have never played you silly fanboy

DemonChicken1625d ago

obviously have not read the articles, they did the speedrun on a glitch

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