How To Electrocute a School Girl in Yandere Simulator, Dev Update

It's been a while, but a new developer video update for Yandere Simulator was released, showcasing the progress the game has made and what features has been add. Throwing school girls in dumpsters from atop of a building, showering them in blood-filled water, accidental/intentional electrocution and finally ridding a bicycle around school.

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bOObies1628d ago

How about a port to the West..

Iltapalanyymi1628d ago

what are you talking about? the dev is from 4chan /v/ originally, and is an american.

you can even test out the YanSim builds every month.

SaveFerris1628d ago

I'm liking this schoolgirl stealth game.

ZaWarudo1627d ago

lol it's like Hitman, but with a crazy anime girl.

TWB1627d ago

Lol, this game.

So is it free? Prooobably should try it.

Spotie1627d ago

This game is outta control. I dunno if I'll play it, though.