Baseless Speculation: Wii U's Last Stand

Assuming that Nintendo had one final ace up their Wii U sleeve, what would it be?

Baseless Speculation is a new feature where we poll our staff and readers on a speculative question, and corral the responses.

This week on Baseless Speculation: Assuming that Nintendo has at least one more ace up their sleeve for Wii U, what would it be? We put the question to our staff and our Twitter followers, and here's what you came up with!

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FallenAngel19841620d ago

There is nothing that can reverse the Wii U's fortune. The console's YOY sales are down, which is surprising considering every Nintendo console prior had always leaked in their third year on the market. Zelda U is going to come rather late in the life cycle, so I don't see it being a huge system seller.

What even more surprising is that Nintendo isn't even dropping the price yet despite intense competition.

Hoffmann1619d ago

"What even more surprising is that Nintendo isn't even dropping the price yet despite intense competition. "

I think they gave up the WiiU already and are mostly focussing their efforts on the NX already.

iplay1up21619d ago

I don't know about them dropping Wii U. The first party attachment rate for games is very good. I doubt 1st party XB1 games have the same attachment rate. I would look but I am on a tablet and don't want to look.

N4g_null1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

I don't know. Zelda U is going to be pretty big. The new account system could be super huge. Nx could actually be an extension of the wiiu. Also this....

Maybe WiiU + Splatoon + Super Mario Maker for $200, and the WiiU's hard drive is a little bigger than the current model.

It is actually a good system. It's just people keep spreading that it is not when it is basically a gamers system.

I'm open to a new account system like steam though. Why come out with a new console when you can turn into pc into your new console. Better yet offer it's service for free for the first adopters of the wiiu.

Free games are what sells now days. Cell phones, ps4, and xbox one have all done this.

It has been a steady march of games that are worth playing for the wiiu coming out. It is hard to believe that there hasn't been any real big games out for the other two console but their sales are way higher.

Maybe it really is a case of this gen being a sheep's market. The 3ds was like this for a while. Every one said the same about it until they couldn't any more.

If you have been paying attention you will see that there is a trifecta that has to take place in peoples mind. The zelda players seem to spearhead this thinking it would seem.

This would match up with what gamers want if I paid more attention of PS and xbox players. They want stories filled with adventures, graphical spectacle and great game play.

I'm thinking nintendo just discovered physical based sharers and the tessellation tricks they can also do.

FallenAngel19841619d ago

Zelda U will be a big game, but I'm doubtful that it could be a big system seller. It'd come 4 years into the Wii U's lifecycle, which is a little too late. The sales are already beginning to go on a downward trend and one game isn't going to change that. Even if Zelda U give sales a big boost, it won't be able to offset the entire years downward trend.

The real issue is that Nintendo can't keep up the flow. After one big game releSes they need to release another big game to continue the sales explosion. Any period of drought will just drop the sales back to 50k a week.

Nintendo could drop the price now before Sony does. The closer in price Wii U is to X1 and PS4, the less of a bargain it looks like.

Razuel1619d ago

cross buy 3ds games & HD emulation. One can hope!

dubal-e1619d ago

I'd say a huge price drop is the way to go.

superchiller1619d ago

While I agree that a "huge price drop" would help increase hardware sales, for a while at least, it wouldn't be able to revive the Wii U. There just aren't enough games out for the system now, and almost nothing coming out in the future. And entire genres of games are simply missing from the library.

At this point, nothing will bring the Wii U back, which is why the NX will most likely release Holiday 2016. They desperately need a new hardware product out on the market, even 3DS sales are fading away (the "New 3DS" was an attempt to reverse that, but it won't make much of a difference).

dubal-e1619d ago

You're right that would be just part of it. Then they could do a platinum series games for just 20 bucks. Or hell if they really wanna give it a kick in the shin 9.99 games. Super mario world 3d, the toad game, bayonetta, pikmin, mario kart, smash bros, etc. that'd help it out too. Even nintendo haters might look at that twice.

Sylth011619d ago

Correction. There are not enough games available from retailers for the Wii U. Seeing as the Wii U is usually given roughly 10% the shelf space each of the other two get. There are plenty of games to buy for the system, yet I still see people (such as yourself) decry that 'it has no games', as if game quantity were any reason to buy a system. After all, Wii had plenty of games, but then the argument against it changed to 'shovelware'. I am curious as to what genre you think is missing from the Wii U though. I see platformers, racers, karts, a third and first person shooter, a RPG.

Super, it has been your position that nothing could 'bring the Wii U' back since it released. I do not see why your often repeated opinion has any bearing on the release schedule of the NX.

You point out that they desperately need a new piece of hardware, which I contend to be incorrect. They would lose the trust of Wii U owners if they replaced it with a console 4 years after the previous one came out, even more so since they announce they were still focused on supporting the Wii U (a fact naysayers continuously ignore or hand-wave aside as a lie).

wonderfulmonkeyman1619d ago


That's not proof, that's one poor representation that didn't do justice to the good games that were shown, which were drowned out by the negative reaction of the Federation Force unveiling.

They've already stated that they aren't dropping the Wii U.
Stop assuming otherwise until they announce otherwise.

mcstorm1619d ago

For me I hope something can be done to help boot the WiiU sales as it is a very under rated console imo and has some of the best games this gen.

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