How to unlock “very high” quality Xbox One streaming in Windows 10

One of the coolest features of Windows 10, if you have an Xbox One, is the ability to stream your console games to your Desktop PC or Laptop, provided they’re on the same network.Unfortunately, the quality's a bit on the shoddy side. Here's how to improve it.

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moonstormer1624d ago

Such PC master race stuff...

GavinMannion1624d ago

This is streaming Xbox One to PC.. nothing to do with the master race

Kingthrash3601624d ago

I'm still trying to grasp the point of streaming an xboxone game to pc when you could just play most the games on pc....or your xbox...With a bigger tv..and likely better quality. ..i dunno. If you could stream away from home it would be awsome...but why would this matter if I'm home anyway?

Septic1624d ago


Well the PC has extra features and better dvr options and for me, when the TV is busy, to be able to stream to other devices is a big bonus.

mhunterjr1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )


It allows you to play your Xbox from any room in your house, without moving your Xbox around...

Someone hogging your TV? Stream to your desk top... Don't feel like going to your man cave, stream to your laptop...

It's super convenient, and folks have already figured out how to make it work over the Internet, so that you can play away from home...

BumpFrankie1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

What about all of those people who don't have a gaming PC? Also like 99% of the articles about this, it's more useful for when somebody else is using the TV so you can just go to you're bedroom or computer room and easily stream some Halo 5 or Forza 6 to your PC with no hassle. It's really only about convenience.

Baka-akaB1624d ago

There are less people with a good gaming pc that usually assumed here .

Besides with WIn10 involved doesnt it just go beyond PC , and the ability to stream to tablets too ?

And like said above , anytime there is such streaming capability it opens the option of playing remotely from a separate location .

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Th3o1624d ago

Haters where would N4G be without them...

GavinMannion1624d ago

I'm not overly phased about the pixel count to be honest... but those picture are HUGELY different..

Why wouldn't MS allow this by default?

Orbertron1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

For the same reason when you buy a PC game, and the settings are not set to auto max settings, they do not know your setup, they give you what works and the option to have it how you want it.

GavinMannion1624d ago

I get it not being auto max.. but having to edit files etc to even enable the option seems odd... should have just been a radio button or something

Th3o1624d ago

You do know game settings that Auto usually generate it according to your hardware category?

If your hardware is more than recommended it usually defaults to max, and if you have min it defaults to min.

They do know your hardware otherwise the game wouldn't launch.

Orbertron1624d ago

I Agree, if there is a high enough demand though the Win10 feedback program, we could see a change fairly soon = 2 to 6 months

B1uBurneR1624d ago

While on the subject of innovation they just updated windows 10 Xbox app.. did y'all know we can watch YouTube.. tv..other apps.but not neflix.. I'm enjoying be able to control my tv and watch live shows from the cable box that goes through the Xbox One and onto my laptop. ...oh and to be able to switch to games instantly -- chilling on the Balcony watching tv : )

Xbonewone320151624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

This has been implemented so perfectly.

MS are genius.

My 5 year old laptop streams my xbone games flawlessly. There is zero lag, zero stutter.

Amazing job.

feraldrgn1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

So like the Wii-U pad off screen play? & the Vita remote play?

Chanogram1624d ago

Is that sarcasm? If so, poorly executed. Not all streaming is equal. Thats like saying a honda civic is like a dodge viper. Well, their both cars, right?

TheUndertaker851624d ago

The difference being the game's not going to be any better by you calling it a Viper or a Honda. Rename it whatever you wish but the package is much the same.

Chanogram1624d ago


Who said anything about the GAME being better? The way you can play it is better (more versatility). The package is NOT the same, thats my entire point. The package with PS4 is streaming to a proprietary device... the pacakge with WiiU is streaming to a proprietary device (if you are withing range of the console in this case).

The package with X1 lets you stream to any windows 10 pc or tablet. The "package" as you call it is exactly what makes them different.

I own a PS4 and Vita, and a Wii U. I've tried all the various streaming. Xbox One offers more versatility when it comes to streaming to other devices. I really dont understand how you can argue that.

You obviously didnt understand my car anaology, so let me just ask you a question. If you were at an auto show, and they unveiled a brand new 750hp supercar, would you raise your hand and say "so it's like a civic?"

TheUndertaker851623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Just gonna simplify and say I wouldn't put the engine of a Viper (Hey, same engine right?) in a Honda and attempt to call it a Viper.

Doesn't matter either way. Your analogy is crap. You're directly trying to turn a feature that other systems do and do just the same into an analogy about cars, attempting to make that car a Viper. It's not a Viper. Any low class PC running Windows 10 can do it.

So more or less you're talking about a car. Doesn't really matter the type. Your PC can be a Honda or a Viper or anything in between and as long as it's running Windows 10 it'll run this feature. More interestingly those Honda PCs won't be running "Very High Quality".

Further doesn't the PS4 Remote Play work on more than Vita? Plus plans to expand that further have been laid out?

So to put it simply for you it's not a car but if it was what you're attempting to do is not only put a Viper engine in a Honda and calling it a Viper but putting other engines in like Fiat and still attempting to call it a Viper.

Or maybe we could get past analogies and actually make a point. The Windows 10 streaming of Xbox One works virtually the same as PS4s Remote Play but considering on that end everything is the same outside of the router you know what kind of experience you're going to get. Not to mention the fact that this along with play away from home seem to require extra work and manipulation so clearly doesn't work this way out of the box.

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