Uncharted 4 might be the most beautiful adventure game ever made

The critically acclaimed "Uncharted" series is going out with a bang next March.
For those unfamiliar with the PlayStation-exclusive franchise, you play as a treasure hunter named Nathan Drake, who travels to beautiful locales around the world uncovering historical mysteries and thwarting evil-doers. It's a lot like the Indiana Jones movies if they were set in modern times.

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miyamoto1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

The Nathan Drake Collection and Uncharted 4 are two of my most most anticipated PS4 games.
I am calling it now: U4 will top TLOU. 100% guaranteed.

Seriously Naughty Dog games just keeps on evolving for the better and also maturing with its audience.
Platformer - Crash Bandicoot (aka Sonic's Ass)
Platformer, shooter, action, adventure, exploration, vehicular play, open world - Jak and Daxter
Platformer, shooter, action adventure, exploration, vehicular play, set pieces, cinematic storytelling, online multiplayer -Uncharted
Survival action, shooter, cinematic storytelling, online multiplayer - The Last of Us

I just hope ND put all past online MP maps on Uncharted 4 like they did with Uncharted 3 complete with all DLC skins.

Rimeskeem1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

How do you top a Masterpiece Naughty Dog?

ND: IDK, make another

Naughty Dog approved since 1996

GameNameFame1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

I am glad they haven't buckled under pressure of releasing game early.

If the game takes longer, it takes longer. I prefer quality games of quantity. If each games take longer to ensure quality, so be it.

PS3 last gen had most exclusives in 90-100 metascore bracket. It doubled its competition. It also had most 80-90 metascore bracket too.

As far as I can tell, Sony bolstered their studio. Expanding it.

Waiting for quality is worth it in the long run.

joab7771630d ago


The pressure to release this holiday must have been great. Mayne Sony was cool about it, but they knew how important a holiday release is.

This is one of the reasons this game is on a different plane than most. No one is looking over their shoulders. The pressure comes from within. But coming off of the Last of Us, the daparture of Henning, and the final Uncharted entry is more than enough internal pressure to drive any developer (s) insane.

Take your time, don't work 18 hr days, enjoy the holidays, and we will enjoy your masterpiece when it is done.

inveni01630d ago

I don't think Druckman and crew are stressed about losing Hennig. I think they've got their own vision Hennig wasn't on board with. They're probably less stressed now.

freshslicepizza1630d ago

the first uncharted game was pretty rough. naughty dog have come a long ways and they deserve all the credit they get. they are always trying to improve their art and not become complacent like so many other studios.

psychobabble1630d ago

@moldybread by today's standards, maybe. But for 2007, the original Uncharted was still pretty damn good. Nowhere near UC2 though.

cohenjc1630d ago

If Naughty Dog gave us the chance to vote and have the option to A) get the game In March like planned or B)Delay the game until holiday 2016, and make the game so amazing that our heads will explode....

I'd pick option B

Naughty Dog... PLEASE Take your sweet ass time with Drake for this last one. I want this game to get perfect scores across the board :)

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Thatguy-3101630d ago

Idk I doubt it will top The Last of Us. I'll go as far as saying that it might top Among Thieves though. The thing that made TLoU so special was the emotional attachment you had with the protaganist Joel and Ellie. That experienced felt really personal because it was an emotional one. Uncharted isn't a series that will struck cords like that unless they change it a lot which I hope they didn't.

pivotplease1630d ago

As a story TLoU would obviously win. As a game I think Uncharted 2 is the best thing they've made so far.

jb2271630d ago

From the way they've talked about it, they intend Sam & Nate's relationship to be similar to Joel & Ellie's in how much they explore it. It'll definitely be a different tone but I have a feeling it'll still hit just as hard in the feels. There will just be some high action and great wisecracks to go along w/ it. I think we will get to know and come to love Sam just like Ellie.

raptorjacob1630d ago

I guess im the only one that likes the Uncharted story lines better than the last of us!

miyamoto1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Why so serious?

You know what buddy, I love TLOU but Uncharted 2 I love more. Why because its the original, the game that launched a thousand cinematic storytelling game; thevultimate melting pot of modern game making that changed how developers develop their games; ground breaking game acting performances by Nolan North and company; captivating onscreen chemistry; visionary directors
it has everything compared to TLOU-
action, adventure, platforming, very interesting puzzles, beat 'em up, stealth, comedy, humor, funny characters like Drake, Sully and Flynn, sexy ladies like Chloe and Elena, drama, angst, intense gunplay, fun online MP, couch coop, love story, cutting edge technology, vertical levels, always moving level design, procedural water, exploration, frightening bosses like the monsters and Lazarevich, grand scale, travelling around the world, award winning sound design, catchy main theme, happy tone, and many more.

Its just a whole world of game ideas perfectly rolled into one game. It just have so much more to offer than TLOU in my analysis.

There is just something in Drake that makes me happy- online and offline LOL!

1630d ago
Ezz20131630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )


Dude, i love Uncharted 2 as much as you or even more but
TLOU offer much more in gameplay than Uncharted 2
Faaar more

It have much better stealth
since in uncharted 2 once they see you
you can never hide again
Stealth give you alot of options and tools to aid you
can't say the same about Uncharted 2
The mele combat is in another level in TLOU
and the mele weapons feels soo good when you hit someone.
The craft system that allow you to make Smoke bombs,molotoves,nail bombs, etc
which non of that is in Uncharted 2
The gunplay feel much much more real in TLOU and far more brutal and bloody

You might like Uncharted 2 more for being more lighthearted while TLOU is an action survival stealth game
but The last of Us gameplay will always edge Uncharted 2 in everything
other than platforming and puzzles

To me no game top TLOU as how they mix Action/Survival/stealth into one game
That's the reason ND took alot of TLOU gameplay and put it in Uncharted 4

I love both
But i'm with dboyc310
It will top Uncharted 2 but not easily anyway.

miyamoto1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

And you know what, there is one thing really keeps me on the edge of my seat everytime I think about Uncharted 4 - the fact that Naughty Dog is gonna put everything they have learned and done with Uncharted 2 and TLOU into this game and improve on them more in every aspect of the game according to Niel and Bruce.

Now that is next level scary, buddy! Just the look on Elena's face send me goose bumps about the caliber of performance Uncharted 4 will deliver.

Meet you in the beta, mate.

Ezz20131630d ago


Yeah agreed
I don't play online though
But this might change once the beta is out with Uncharted collection.

Conzul1629d ago

Uncharted will never top TLoU.
There's just too much more you can do with the 'M' rating than in the 'T' rating, though ND can probably take 'T' places it's never been before.

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Blaze9291630d ago

lol was this an article or a Amazon game details fact sheet/product page?

I'm sure UC4 will be beautiful but this never touched once on why lol. What exactly was this "article"?

mechlord1630d ago

what the is this article??

this only gets a pass because its talking about uncharted and anyone who ever has touched a controller knows what a beats this series (and its last entry) is.

But seriously??? this isnt worth the click.

bennissimo1630d ago

If only ND games had staying power. First playthrough is wondrous, but the MP is always lame, and the linearity of the campaigns means playing them again yields nothing new.

1630d ago
showtimefolks1630d ago

it's ND and by now we shouldnt be surprised at all, uncharted 4 will be epic and there is no doubt about it

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Rimeskeem1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

btw, when you get in brawls against AI it often goes into a 2d fight (MK and SF style). And yes, you can still be shot.

DarkOcelet1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Hip fire and punch 1,2 combo is how I like it.

Uncharted has the best hip fire in gaming history.

DoctorFry1630d ago

Max Payne 3 has the best hip-firing, easily.

Rimeskeem1630d ago

I always preferred killing everyone except the last guy and having a good ol' fisty cuffs

miyamoto1630d ago

Especially the shotgun in Uncharted 2. LOL!
Players who suck at aiming like me, love that freaking gun!

DragonDDark1630d ago

Wait? I don't get it.. Please explain.

Rimeskeem1630d ago

you know how in those fighting game its a side scrolling fight where you cant move around the map and have to face the guy, thats how it is in Uncharted when you start brawls but you can easily run away by rolling out or what not.

DragonDDark1630d ago


Oh thanks. I get what's you are saying now.

NeverHeavyMan1630d ago

Who am I to argue? XD

In truth, I expect that what we've seen doesn't even scratch the surface (that's always the case with Uncharted tittles). They usually lead the console world with visuals when they launch and Uncharted 4 will be no different.

FreddyFazbear1630d ago ShowReplies(3)
DrumBeat1630d ago

Naughty Dog is the best developer in gaming. This game is going to be over-the-top beautiful, no doubt about it.

fulnattybrah1630d ago

Remedy Games says hi and hell no

TomLovesXBOX1630d ago

Remedy Games the best developer over ND??? That's a joke right?

FreddyFazbear1630d ago

So, tell me. How many game awards and graphics awards did remedy have vs. Naughty dog?? Last time time I checked their last game alan wake although a decent game didnt even win anything and has lacklustre sales. Uncharted 1-3 and last of us consistently won awards whether graphics and gameplay. So tell me, how is remedy any better?? Im waiting. What youll show me a Footage of an unfinished quantum break game which is not representative of the final product?? LOL please do try hard. Its not enough. Stupid comments needs embarassing reply

chris13gt1630d ago

Agreed.Max Payne and Alan Wake were masterpieces!!

Rimeskeem1630d ago

Remedy should be honored to be compared to Naughty Dog

Rhythmattic1630d ago

Def Max Payne on my mac through HQ D/A & studio monitors at the time... Fking amazing...

AW , na.

guyman1630d ago

Um no. Alan wake, while good, was nowhere near uncharted 2 or the last of us. Quantum break looks very promising but so does uncharted 4.

gamer78041630d ago

your responders are speaking of sales numbers or awards. I love remedy games but honestly if you are going by sales and awards the top honors does not go to remedy or naughty dog, it goes to nintendo and rockstar games for their Mario and Grand Theft Auto Series.

But there is more to making a beautiful or great game than sales. Thats why everyone will have their favorite, whether it is Nintendo, Rockstar, Remedy, Naughtydog, Bungie/343 etc.

Picnic1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Ever since becoming in effect Microsoft and Windows exclusive, Remedy also takes at least twice as long as Naughty Dog to make each of their full games. Remedy games do drip with atmosphere but Naughty Dog achieve an outstanding range of character gestures, set piece variety, likeable characters and location types in a shorter period of time. If they were ever given 5 years to make a game, it could be unsurpassable from a variety point of view, Half Life 3 not withstanding.

jb2271630d ago

Remedy released exactly one game last gen which was very good and fairly well received by critics...ND released 4 games, one of which is considered in the conversation of greatest games of all time, the rest (aside from maybe Drake's Fortune) were all considered masterpieces. Alan Wake and a couple Max Payne games can't touch that.

Remedy is a great dev but ND is simply on a different level altogether, regardless of your own personal tastes, although I'm willing to bet you haven't played a ND game in the first place.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1630d ago

What's up with Xbox fans trying to force a comparison between Remedy and Naughty Gods ? Remedy hasn't released anything to be considered amongst the best like Naughty and Rockstar. People want Remedy to be Microsoft's Naughty so bad. First off they're not even a MS studio second of they have yet to release a masterpiece. Naughty released 4 hit critically acclaimed games last gen. 2 of which are considered to be some of the greatest games of all time Uncharted 2 and TLOU, one of which is the highest awarded and most critically game in history. Something even Rockstar hasn't done yet. So what makes you think Remedy a studio that released a game like Alan Wake last gen which only has an 83 rating which Xbox fans called a bad score when InFamous Second Son got it be considered to be above the likes of Naughty Gods and Rockstar ? Quantum Break may be a hit and propel Remedy to be able to mentioned amongst the greats, but until then no they're not. Not even close.

Ocsta1630d ago

Never go FULL natty, brah.

Ezz20131630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )


In what ?!
No basewd on reviews or sales ...or anything at all

Last gen..they made one game and DLC and both got 83-76% metascore
and Alan Wake (Pc)
is one of the most boring and repetive games i have played in my life
It don't have mele combat to even mix things up
All you do is flash your light and shoot ....the whole game.

You can't compare ND who their lowest game last gen was 88%
and made two games who are the most awarded games in Remedy
That's not fair to remedy at all.

""if you are going by sales and awards the top honors does not go to remedy or naughty dog, it goes to nintendo and rockstar games for their Mario and Grand Theft Auto Series. ""

I will give you sales
But not awards

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lolosgolos1630d ago

Rockstar is king on best developer. What they done with GTAV or what CD Project has done with Witcher 3 is beyond anything ND has ever done. Lets see when U4 comes out if things will change

Persistantthug1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

lososgolos, Rockstar is a great dev to me, and I realy liked the GTA V campaign, but it wasn't GTAV that won the AIAS AWARD's Game of the Year...... It was NAUGHTY DOG'S The Last of US.

BitbyDeath1630d ago

Naughty Dog don't set the bar, they are the bar.

Brugal1630d ago

Best come t I've ever read on this site.

DoctorFry1630d ago Show
BlackTar1871630d ago



More like MS zone.

SatanicEyeJesus1630d ago

That's it! You habe my bubz!

mechlord1630d ago

"Naughty Dog don't set the bar, they are the bar."

Yep. Ditto. Simple and clear, it even made me wanna cry.

Perjoss1630d ago

"Naughty Dog don't set the bar, they are the bar."

this is the Naughty Dog of comments

scark921630d ago

This should be on the Uncharted 4 cover.

Jalva1630d ago

I agree, Naughty Dog are just amazing! God I love Naughty Dog, they are just like sooooo good, how is it even possible to be THAT good, I actually can't truly comprehend the unbelievable awesomeness that is Naughty Dog, just wow, they are absolutely mindblowingly magnificent!

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