Pirated Game Assets Reached $74,000,000,000 in 2014 According to Cybersecurity Company

It’s no secret that games get pirated all time, but the sheer amount of money lost by game developers and game publishers for all of those pirated titles is staggering.

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DarkOcelet1798d ago

The article makes me feel as if stopping pirating will actually increase the profits by a huge margin.

People need to understand that most people who pirate things is either a person who can't afford it or will never buy it or has no other way of acquiring it so go figure.

Also to those who might answer with people who pirate things are scum needs to realize not everyone can afford to buy them and not every country in the world has good financial services or good salary.

SquidBuck1798d ago

I get your arguments, but guess what?? It's a federal crime.

MRMagoo1231798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Yeh kinda odd how the law works, drive like an idiot which could kill people, maybe lose your licence or get suspended for a bit. Pirate a game harming nothing, get time in jail. It is almost like the governments care more about taxes and losing money than they do about peoples lives.

Edit: Yes but most times its a slap on the wrist, when you are actually putting other people lives at risk, like drink driving.

SquidBuck1798d ago

@MrMagoo123 you're right about the taxes, it's the only reason weed isn't legal. But driving drunk can also land you prison time.

Tzuno1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Nothing is true, everything is permitted. The thing is not to get caught. The real problem is that the games cost too much and poor countries have no other alternative.

Azrabain1798d ago

SquidBuck - That's funny our federal government is full of criminals why should we abide the fing law!!!

saladthieves1798d ago

Sometimes there is really no other way.

I remember when I bought Assassin's Creed II for PC, and its infamous always online DRM. A single tiny hiccup in the Internet connection was enough to force close the game, whether I was in the middle of a mission or wasn't didn't matter.

It was very annoying, yet somehow a pirated version of the game found its way online, and fixed everything.

Sometimes I just want to try out the game, and if it's good enough, buy it. Since developers rarely give out demos these days, this is usually the way to go by.

badz1491798d ago


that's capitalism for ya.

and all these gazillions of money claimed to be "LOST" by piracy is also not entirely accurate either. most of the pirates aren't gonna buy the game anyway for various reasons. they either;

1. didn't have retail access to the item in the first place, so buying is not an option

2. din't want to spend money on it in the first place, so even if given the option to buy, they aren't gonna buy it

although undeniably there are pirates out there whom are the try-first-buy-later type but sadly they are not the majority.

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TFJWM1798d ago

So if you can't afford a luxury it's ok to just steal it?

As someone who used to pirate stuff you find ways to justify it ie I wouldn't have bought it anyway or if I like it I'll buy it later(very rarely happened). Your still a thief whatever the reason is...

MRMagoo1231798d ago

A thief? How so? Nothing is being stolen, its being duplicated. Stealing is when you take an item and that item is no longer in the other persons possession. Pirating is cloning someones item and leaving them with the original and you taking the copy.

TFJWM1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

@McMagoo123 Webster's defines steal as to take (something that does not belong to you) in a way that is wrong or illegal
: to take (something that you are not supposed to have) without asking for permission
: to wrongly take and use (another person's idea, words, etc.)

Pirating a game would fall under that no?

MRMagoo1231798d ago

Definition of take is "remove (someone or something) from a particular place."

You aren't taking anything, you are copying something, taking is removing something from somewhere, the original game is still there not taken. So I would say no that definition wouldn't include piracy.

Seafort1798d ago

If they stopped piracy dead in it's tracks today do you really think they'll recoup all of the supposed lost profits?

They record people using torrents, seeding etc and equate that to lost profits. What if the person was just trying out the game like a demo and buys it right after if they liked it? Is that still regarded as lost profit even though the person bought the game afterwards?

Theft or stealing is removing something tangible from another person self or property.

Software piracy is copyright infringement. Two entirely different things.

Is it right that software developers can duplicate something infinitely for free and sell it at a premium price?

They developed the "Gold copy" but after that it doesn't cost them anything else especially digital copies.

I wish companies would stop saying they lost so many billions from piracy as it's just BS.

freshslicepizza1797d ago

it is stealing because the value of it isn't in the possession but in the experience. you can try all day validating it but you and i both know the value of these products greatly diminish once it's been played.

brish1797d ago

When a person pirates a game legally it's not stealing it's copyright infringement.

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joab7771798d ago

Theres no excuse for it! Who determines for whom its alright. It's a very slippery slope that's as old as time to say, "Well they make enough money, so I shouldn't have to pay."

No. I will say that like issues such as abortion (which can't really be compared), this generation has become so comfortable with doing certain things, that they don't even know what they are doing is wrong, or at least have come to believe that it's relative.

One of the biggest issues today is that we equate morality w/ consequence. It's fine if I don't get in trouble. It's terrible, and while it's easily defendable as innocent drops in a bucket, the real damage will be seen in generations when it's way too late.

Ogygian1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

So you think that everything should just be priced according to salary? Are you a Communist, because you sound like it.If people want something and cannot afford it, they should save up for it.

Devs need to be rewarded. In order to be rewarded, people must buy their games. If you can't afford it, work harder tp get a better job, or wait until the price drops.

The fact is that someone is willing to go through the hassle of pirating it, they probably have the willingness to throw a small amount of cash, the price of a beer, towards the devs. Any pirate who says that they would not have bought the game anyway is being dishonest with themselves, as we have so many games these days that people only have time to actually play those they are interested in.

I can tell you categorically that devs are losing money - a lot of it, through piracy. It is what has killed the singleplayer market.

By defending pirates, you are helping them to feel good about stealing the hard work which devs put into games.

Pirates are scum. There is no justification for it. They have single-handedly decimated the single-player games industry, and for that, no honest gamer in their right mind should accept what they are doing.

Seafort1798d ago

The Witcher 3 disagrees and many other single player games do too.

Piracy is not the problem greedy companies are.

How many games have we got over the last few years that are not even remotely finished?

And yet the publishers and developers still expect the customer to pay premium price for an unfinished product?

Please tell me who is scum again?

Ogygian1797d ago

@ Seafort

The Witcher 3 sold well and Assassin's Creed games sell well. So do Bethesda games.

But are they doing as well as they might have done if piracy did not exist? Might they outsell major multiplayer games?

Business-people usually make evidence-based decisions, and there is a reason why all the major publishers have increasingly been shunning single-player. They have to be able to make money (at least break even) on average, or below-average games to bother with the risk of ploughing funds into single-player games, which often require more work than MP.

Also, I really am fed up of this argument that bad or unfinished games somehow "deserve" to be pirated. If it truly is so bad or unfinished then surely you would not want to play it in the first place?

ChuckTheIceMan1797d ago

What makes you think you're entitled to something you can't afford?

ShaunCameron1797d ago

He exists and his personal "hardships" prevent him from being able to enjoy the same pleasures of life as others.

AndrewLB1797d ago

This article is absolute nonsense. Anyone who thinks if pirating were to end tomorrow due some amazingly effective DRM, that those who pirate will start purchasing the same number of games they normally pirate, is an absolute fool. Every study done on the subject concluded that there would be very few additional software sales if paying was the only option.

"that's capitalism for ya. "

Umm... Capitalism's solution to problems like this is to let the free market take care of it. Anyone advocating for Government based solutions like prosecutions, regulation, and trade penalties are pushing socialist\communist ideas.

ShaunCameron1797d ago

And what's stopping them from affording it? If they can afford the console, they can definitely afford its games. Otherwise, they didn't think their purchasing choices through. Video games are a privilege, not a right.

Those people who will never buy it? They just want something at someone else's expense. Hence, pirating.

Because not everybody is a wasteful spender with misplaced priorities, and not every country has inept leadership with a second-rate economy.

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Ceaser98573611798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

I feel if someone likes a game he should buy it also its easy to call people scum who are against piracy but how would you feel when someone pirates your product if you were to make one. Put yourself in those devs shoes , they are working very hard also many devs are getting shut down mainly due to piracy of their games. Also its funny how you say not everyone can afford buying games but they have the system to play those high end games :P looks like the system were given out for free :D

Lazyeye791797d ago

Umm I'm a poor college student who had to sell plasma to pay for my medium build PC, so just because I have a PC doesn't mean I'm rich. But I believe in a try before you buy so I sometimes pirate games until I can afford to buy them, unless they suck which I just delete.

Also this article/research includes circumventing in-app-purchases (IAP), which isn't really stealing if they give the game out free and you modify it to your liking. So these numbers might be over inflated.

Dasteru1798d ago

Technically you cannot "lose" what you never had to begin with. This is also assuming that everyone or nearly everyone who pirates, piracy not being available, would not only purchase the game, but purchase it new. Statistically that is not the case. The majority of people who pirate, do so due to either not being able to afford buying new games, or not feeling the cost is justified. Most people who pirate would wait for the game to hit the bargin bin and buy it used. (If they can afford to buy it at all) It also assumes that everyone who pirates, does so to keep the game for free. Again statistically proven to not be the case. Alot of people actually pirate games to test them first before risking $60 on them. Make it an industry standard for all developers to release demos of all their games pre-release, and i'd wager piracy rates would plummet.

SquidBuck1798d ago

How can one not afford new games when they bought/own the system/pc they game on.

Ceaser98573611798d ago

exactly, i know a guy who has a 4k setup and says he pirates games cause he has no money... LOL to that :D

joab7771798d ago

Good point.And someone can say, well I can't afford every game I want to buy. Well, tough shit. Work harder, make more money, or game less.

Tempest3171798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

@SquidBuck so a system is purchased two years ago, and now money is tighter for a million reasons (job change, child born, bought a house etc etc), so I can't afford game X. Your argument is irrelevant due to the passing of time. Have you ALWAYS been able to afford any game you want for any system you own? Well, you bought the system so OBVIOUSLY you can afford all the games. I'm not condoning piracy, but your reasoning is seriously flawed.

Ogygian1798d ago

'The majority'?

Where did you get that info from?

Of course that is not all lost money, but probably around 20% of it, still a fairly large sum, is. Bur again this is just me speculating. My stats are no more valid than yours. Without evidence, it could be 1-100% of that number.

Germany71798d ago

Piracy is wrong, if you support that you can't complain about DRM, expensive dlcs and goes on. If you don't like a company because of these practices, just don't buy games from them, you don't need to pirate it.

Trust me, games are really expensive in my country, i wish i could afford more games on the release date, but that's not how it works, i just buy my favorite series and games of my interest on the release date, for another titles i will wait for a sale.

endzeitkind1798d ago

74b nope, in dont believe you - for who pirate games does not have much money - ergo; these guys would never buy games. completeley nuts. cu in hell.

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