Super Mario Maker supports more than 50 amiibo, lets you make music and more

Nintendo releases some new information on Super Mario Maker, turning gamers into amateur composers.

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R00bot1626d ago

Wow. And I Thought this game was already amazing. This is incredible. I couldn't want anything more from this. Day one.

Maybay1626d ago

This title has massive appeal. Hoping for a secret (unannounced) multiplayer mode.

Preordered of course.

wonderfulmonkeyman1626d ago

We can make our own Automatic Mario musical courses?!
Hooooooly crap, I'm so in on that!
Anyone doing such courses is getting a follow from me in-game instantly.
And yeah, being able to select and follow specific users to see their latest stuff...that's awesome.
Nintendo's following a trend from social media that I actually like! Who'da thunk it?XD