Real Madrid might actually be beatable in FIFA 16

MMGN writes: Anyone that's played a match against Real Madrid in FIFA 15 would know just how tough it is to compete against a team stacked with superstars. Sure, the likes of FC Barcelona compete pretty well, but it's hard to defend the likes of Ronaldo and Bale running onto their right side and slamming a ball past the keeper.

The problem is as much a breakdown of AI awareness and defensive structures as it is Real Madrid just being a straight-up awesome team. Players are often out of position, move off their line, and are too slow to react to a change in the play. This gives a team like Real Madrid the advantage as they are so powerful in attack.

Thankfully, FIFA 16 developer EA Canada knows what's up. The studio acknowledges a defensive inefficiency that has plagued the series for a few years now, and this year's game is all about giving you the tools to cause a monumental upset against the world's biggest football club.

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Speak_da_Truth1619d ago

Really? lets say the same thing after a couple months them I'll believe it.

5yb5n6u1619d ago

i think its just you?
there is a psn trophy that require beating 5 star team with 2 or 3 star team with legendary difficulty.
i played against real madrid (cant remember what team i choose)and got one.
difficult to defend sure, but not impossible.

iistuii1619d ago

They didnt win sod all last season so why would they be unbeatable. Barca won the treble, they should be the team to beat.

ghostface91619d ago

Hes got this backwards its fc barcelona thats op as hell while i get messi is great they act like he is a god on fifa 15