EA Gives EA Access Members A Free Chest In Dragon Age: Inquisition

If you are an EA Access member they want you to know they appreciate you and have given you some free loot for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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Rookie_Monster1624d ago

Wow, really nice! One of the best value in gaming. Plus don't forget to play Battlefront a week early, folks. Glad I subscribed to it, worth every penny.

ThunderPulse1624d ago

I can't tell if serious or sarcasm.......

InTheZoneAC1624d ago

lol, early access does not justify the price

ScorpiusX1624d ago

10% off DLC, Games , Early access to all their new games , a bunch of games to play in the Valut. Plus come November for those that are members and want to play EA 360 published games for free. That's a lot a value at 5.00 a month , 30.00 the year .

InTheZoneAC1624d ago

please list the game I can get for free, that's the only selling point of this

Bigpappy1624d ago

Why are people still challenging this deal, LOL. It fine to challenge if you can point to a better deal. But a better deal does not exist.

ifistbrowni1624d ago

It is a really awesome deal. I wonder if Sony will ever admit they muffed up and offer it as a service on the PS4... I know I'd pay for it on that console.

I don't play my Xbox 1 enough in order for the purchase to make any sense on that console...

Madden, Battlefront, Battlefield Hardline, NHL 16... I mostly get my games digitally and the discount through EA Access on these titles alone would nearly pay for the yearly subscription (got Hardline day 1, NHL 16 and Battlefront Preordered, my brother is buying Madden).

I applaud Sony for speaking for the consumer and not allowing the consumer to choose if theres any value in the service. /Sarcasm

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gamesismylife091624d ago

EA access is the best service in gaming on consoles right now. For 30 dollars I'm now playing Titanfall, Dragon Age, UFC, BF4, Madden, Fifa, and I imagine games like Hardline will make it before this year is over. And that's not counting the 360 games they have coming as well to the vault. Just an amazing service. Will definitely reup my subscription in January.

InTheZoneAC1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

you're telling me you only spent $30 and got titan, dragon, ufc, and bf4 and old versions of madden and fifa?

you didn't spend a single penny more than $30?

dreadz741624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

This is correct I also have ea access.The early access to games it awesome they give 5-6 hours of play on new titles 5 days early and if you buy you get 10% off plus the games in the vault are awesome all theses games for 30$ a year is a good deal. We buy consoles to play games well XB1 is only place you get all these full games below for $30 a year. List will only grow Hardline is probably next .

Dragon Age: Inquisition
NHL 15
Battlefield 4
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare
Madden NFL 15
Peggle 2
Need for Speed Rivals
Madden NFL 25