Forza Motorsport 6 – wet weather gameplay at Brands Hatch | Team VVV

Team VVV writes: "We take to Brands Hatch in the rain to take a closer look at Forza Motorsports 6's impressive wet weather conditions.

A tentative Alan starts the race well being very conscious of the tricky road conditions but is soon undone as he aqua planes on a somewhat small and tame looking puddle which sends him off the track and into the nearest crash barrier. Straight away it becomes clear that puddles will really have a profound effect on the way you have to approach wet weather racing in Turn 10 Studios' latest offering."

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user99502791627d ago



the wait is killing me.

EcoSos31627d ago

29 if you have the ultimate edition ;)

XanderZane1627d ago

Just WOW!! It looks a lot better then Forza 5, especially with the weather effect. I want this now. I can only imagine what online will be like playing in the rain.

u4one1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

oooh multiscreen set up even. cool. HA! i even saw my new real life car in there... 2015 bmw m235i (although mine is white, not blue). represent!

beans1627d ago

Gorgeous and realistic! Right on time for my sons birthday!

ScorpiusX1627d ago

For him to enjoy or for you under the guises it a gift ..
.. lol

u4one1627d ago

its the gift that keeps on giving ;)

beans1627d ago

Trust me, he will get to play lol

Rookie_Monster1627d ago

The rain effect looks spectacular but.more importantly, the weather and 3D puddle really affect gameplay. A true sim racer.

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The story is too old to be commented.