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Hayden Waugh writes: "The opening scene to a video game does so much for a player. Emotionally, it can tug at the heart-strings; perhaps even fuel your path towards revenge. Visually, the word “wow” can quickly follow. Submerged does each of these well, but ultimately, leaves the player on a sinking ship throughout its nautical, familial tale."

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FLCL4711Fox1620d ago

Sooooo, it's like a Tale of Two Brothers except on a boat and bad? Think I'll pass.

OhMyGandhi1619d ago

The climbing mechanics of Assassin's Creed, The sailing of Wind Waker, the sense of exploration and desolation of Ico/Shadow of the Colossus...Would have made an interesting game.

Harrylikesgames1619d ago

Real shame, I was interested in this one. I almost wish the repetitive gameplay had been cut completely so I could just enjoy the artistic design.