I’d gladly pay more for PlayStation Plus

Every year around December 21, my PlayStation Plus subscription begs for renewal.
Just when I’ve shelled out all I can for every obligatory holiday purchase and have depleted every dime I found that had fallen between the couch cushions, I realize I have to pull another $50 out of my you-know-where to renew the service. However, throughout the other 11 months of the year, I realize just how much of a value that $50 becomes.

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AtomHeart6231625d ago

How is $50 a great value for a service that is down all the time?

REDDURT1624d ago Show
ritchi451624d ago

It's not down "all the time" as you imply. There are periodic moments of downtime, but it's nowhere near as bad as some sites suggest on here. They're only after hits

r2oB1624d ago

Because you get tons of good games, across three platforms, that are still playable if the service is down.

Rimeskeem1624d ago

Because its not down all the time, in fact on it right now :).

SquidBuck1624d ago

It's down all the time? How am I playing right now then? Hmmm...

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Sir_Simba1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

I dont agree nor like the price increase, but ps plus has been worth it since I signed up on the ps3.

Ps plus also gives indies that would not have had time in the spotlight thier own stage and I like to support smaller devs.

sanosukegtr1231624d ago

Playstation plus is good for plus sales and saving game files in the cloud.

DarkBlood1624d ago

id like the price to stay where it is, increase it too high and that value will diminish alot, at least to me anyways

REDDURT1624d ago

Not this ps plus but the ps3 plus was very much worth it. I am being patient understanding the library just does not compare but raising the prices at this point is a bigno.

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The story is too old to be commented.