Deep Down: Capcom Holds on to US Trademark, Obtains Third Extension for the PS4 Exclusive in Limbo

Remember Deep Down? It would be no surprise if it slipped under your radar, given Capcom’s stubborn silence on the issue. A few months ago the publisher mentioned that the game’s beta and release on PS4 would take more time, and that it’d come with a completely overhauled vision, and then nothing.

Looks like the game hasn’t just yet moved into vaporware realm, as the company just filed and obtained the third extension for the trademark with the US Patent and Trademark office.

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SmokingMonkey1797d ago

my thought exactly, I legit forgot about Deep Down.

I'm not into these dungeon crawlers (I've tried DSoul, BloodB, it doesn't hit me idk why? I love difficult games too, play almost everything on Hard)

But I do want to see more of this.

FlyGuyHung1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Literally had the EXACT same though when I read this headline. I actually had to think for a second what game this was.

This game is in need of a Homefront style reintroduction. Cause it ligit fell of the radar.

Revolver_X_1796d ago

I cared when I thought Deep Down was code for Dragons Dogma 2. With Dragons Dogma Online confirmed, I could care less.

wellard1796d ago

couldn't care less. Saying could care less means the exact opposite of what you wanted to say.

Majin-vegeta1797d ago

Abriael you think we'll here abything about it at TGS?

Abriael1797d ago

I hope. But I don't know really.

Ezz20131797d ago

If i don't see it in the upcoming 3 shows for Sony
Then i will lose hope fo it.

dcbronco1796d ago

Deep Down was one of the games I was looking forward to. If people were willing to wait so long for a"game" about a kid calling a flying bird-dog thing I don't understand the lack of patience on this.

Relientk771797d ago

Waiting to see more from this game

wellard1796d ago

The trick with n4g is to not have an opinion on anything. Think like a child and the children wont randomly disagree with personal opinion

DragonDDark1796d ago

I wish i knew lol, now you have 4 lol

gamesismylife091797d ago

Game looked like shit anyway. Capcom probably needs to cut their loses and get to work on something better like Dead Rising 4 for my xbox one and PC.

Roronoa04111797d ago

No Deep Down looks way better. Dead Rising has always been mediocre to me.

0to1001796d ago

LOL only on n4g where you would here delay down being better than dead rising.

Angeljuice1797d ago

Dead Rising is nothing compared to Deep Down in my estimation. Really looking forward to this game.

P.S. If they're going to make a console exclusive, why would they waste money making another Xbox game when they have twice the potential sales on PS4?

Outthink_The_Room1797d ago

It would most likely be XB1 and PC, just like DR3. So you offset the PS4 losses with the PC version.

Plus, if the game is DX12, which it most likely would be, then the port time between PC and XB1 would only be a few days.

Porting and building between PC and PS4 takes considerably more time than PC to XB1. You have to factor dev time into the equation as well. If building a PC and PS4 game takes a few months longer, that's alot of dev costs compared to a few days for the DX12 codebase.

gamesismylife091797d ago

Because Xbox One exclusives sell just as well if not better on Xbox One and Dead Rising 3 sold 1.5 million as a launch game.

KeeseToast1797d ago

Or it would be PS4 and PC. You know like Capcom is doing right now with Street Fighter...

Majin-vegeta1797d ago

@out think

Lol there will be no port for xbox.

It's exclusive to PS4

Revolver_X_1796d ago


And Knack is around 1.3 mil currently on PS4. Whats your point? Gamers gotta play something at launch. Check out the sales of multiplatform Dead Rising 2. Released in the middle of the gen and sits at a little over 1 mil. Looking at reviews pro and user base, plus the awful optimization, clearly Dead Rising 3 didn't sale that much because it was a great game.

Outthink_The_Room1796d ago


Dead Rising 4 is exclusive to PS4? WTF??

......And LOL @ the disagrees.

Why in the world would DR4 be an exclusive to.....Ohhhhh, you have trouble reading, I get it. *sigh*

Might wanna re-read the entire section. The guy who started this little chain, talked about DR4 being more impressive than DD. So the guy I responded to, asked why Capcom would make it for XB1.

This wasn't a very hard thing to follow. You should have easily and I mean EASILY, been able to follow the conversation.

But we are. Having to explain the absolute most basic concept of conversations. WOW.

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1797d ago
Majin-vegeta1796d ago

Good thing us PS4 players get both ;).

someOnecalled1796d ago

You should know by now everything PS exclusive is gold no matter what it is

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