PS Plus Vote to Play – Are We Generalizing Indie Games?

"Initially rumored, then confirmed, and now finally put into action, Vote to Play allows gamers to vote on one of three games to be a part of the following month’s Plus free titles, with the other two receiving Plus discounts. Right on cue, comments sections were filled with readers decrying the “junk indies” and “garbage choices” that were offered as the three. In light of this, Daily Reaction is looking at the generalization of indie games and “judging a book by its cover.”" - PSLS

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ftwrthtx1624d ago

Indie, to me, just means a smaller studio with less overhead. I'm not sure how it got equated with shovelware.

gamesismylife091624d ago

Because a ton of indie games, around 75 percent of them, are shovel ware and do nothing to push the industry. Most of these games are either pretentious rubbish like Submerge, Everyone gone to the rapture, and that new xbox rubbish indie or the large majority of indie games look like games that can run off of the NES. That's why when I see a Resogun, Inside, Below, Cuphead, Ori, etc that have interesting art design, difficulty, and great gameplay I stand up and buy it as soon as it comes out.

mike32UK1624d ago

So you haven't played everybody's gone to the Rapture then? Because that game has left me with my jaw gaping open in amazement nunerous times. Something that i can count on one hand the amount of times AAA games gave done that so far this gen.

Kingthrash3601624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Lol man how far will it go?
Do people even count how many AAA games there are. Or take into account how much it cost sony to make AAA games free? 3rd party studios will cost sony more to make AAA games free. And Sony had what 3 1st party games for the ps4 at launch? Not to mention they are paying for the ps3 and the vita free games...Most of which are NEW. Smh what is it...what's wrong with the gaming community were we are complaining over something that was unthinkable 3 years ago.
These games are free......FREE THO. oh but you pay a subscription. ..well on ps4 you need a subscription anyway at least you are getting games along with this must have subscription. They could have went full XBL and charged for online play and not have given a thing. Instead they have been giving out multiple games for multiple consoles. ..and now they are giving gamers choices. ..and no still...STILL PEOPLE COMPLAIN. ...I....
I'm done. Grow up and be thankful.

BitbyDeath1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Actually shovel ware are games that are frequently "shovelled" out. Eg COD, Assassins Creed, Sports games, even Forza and Halo are becoming shovel ware this gen.

XisThatKid1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Um no shovel is games like Zack and Cody games and random non gaming publications made into games and chiff license games and entry level design programming mish mash pile of coding that hardly pass as games. You'll still find gems in that heep. some of these are Indies but not all.
OK all of Uwe Bole movies are shovel ware movies lol quick buck junk

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lelo2play1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

I find it amusing all these people claiming indies are better then AAA games.
If you guys are really that into indies, just get a cheap ass PC, plug it to a TV and you set.
You will find the best indies on the PC.
You will find the most indies on the PC.
You will find a abysmal amount of indie titles on the PC.
You guys can purchase a PC cheaper then a console, that will play most those indies.... and free online.

BTW, most you guys don't know the meaning of AAA game...
"A title considered to be AAA is therefore expected to be a high quality game and to be among the year's bestsellers. For a title to remain AAA post-launch, it must be both commercially and critically successful."

Just because a game has a big budget, doesn't mean it's a AAA game.

BitbyDeath1624d ago

Going by your definition games like The Order and Halo MCC aren't AAA. Simply put I don't agree with your definition.

MysticStrummer1624d ago

"I find it amusing all these people claiming indies are better then AAA games."

I've never seen anyone say that.

I see people saying AAA doesn't mean good and indie doesn't mean bad, and that indies shouldn't be dismissed as somehow not being real games, like they often are here by certain people.

No one in their right mind would say that Halo 5 isn't a AAA game unless it sells well. A game is either AAA at launch or it isn't. Sales don't change a thing.

22CobraKing1624d ago

Indies are fun games if you actually give them a chance and their sometimes way better than some old AAA games. For the vote to play they have some interesting games but Zombie Vikings is my choice.

Summons751624d ago

I like the idea to vote for the next months game. I'd much rather have an idea of what to expect then have it announced and be less than stellar. If I'm able to have a same in having a great month then I'm all for it. I'll always download generic indie game #738920479102 and a few really surprise me and shine but for the most part this year my Ps4 Ps+ library has consisted of very dull indie games.

Avernus1624d ago

For too many people on PS Blog site, Indie games = shit. All some people want in their PS+ games are AAA games. Shameful seeing the disrespect exhibited by entitled gamers.

I rather some idies over some of the AAA garbage from devs these days.

uth111624d ago

and they would rather have a low-rated AAA like Knack than a high-rated indie, which I don't understand at all

lelo2play1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

AAA game means ...
"A title considered to be AAA is therefore expected to be a high quality game and to be among the year's bestsellers. For a title to remain AAA post-launch, it must be both commercially and critically successful."

Knack was not critically successful, so therefore, it's NOT a AAA title.
A game can have a big budget but it doesn't mean it's a AAA game.

uth111624d ago

irregardless of whether AAA means budget or quality...

there's a sizable number of people demanding it as a free game every month for no other reason than they consider it AAA.

Moe-Gunz1624d ago


Please just say regardless.

MysticStrummer1624d ago

@lelo - "Knack was not critically successful, so therefore, it's NOT a AAA title."

You have no clue what AAA means.

lelo2play1623d ago


Actually, it's you that doesn't know the meaning of AAA.

Knack is a AA title.

Google the difference between AAA game and AA game.

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gamesismylife091624d ago

So people that spend their hard earned money on a service are not allowed to critique it or ask for better games? Lol they're entitled? Damn Sony fanboys defend that company no matter what. If I spend money on something my opinion is valuable.

uth111624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

people pay less than $5/month for it and are crying that they are due $60 AAA games every month for it. Yeah, that's pretty entitled!

Avernus1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Have you seen some of those comments? Literally calling games "crap" because they're indie. You're paying for online, the games you get for PS+ are part of the package, you're not entitled to demand AAA games.

Having an opinion does not make you right because you spend money on something. I like the Indie games, in fact they're better than some of the AAA garbage this year... but that's me. Feel free to demand AAA games on a service you spend $4 a month on.

What did you really expect? Bloodborne? Maybe if you pray hard enough they'll give you MGS5 for free ;)

Edit: BTW, Rocket League is legit one of the best / most fun games of the year...we got it free, and it's not a AAA game...just saying.

fermcr1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

No matter what, some people will defend Sony to the death. Sony could offer them a piece of t**d, those people will gladly accept it and claim it's the best piece of t**d they ever had.
This also goes for other fanboys out there (Microsoft, Nintendo, PC, etc).

Unfortunately, this is the gaming world we have.

Fanboys * shakes head *

Avernus1624d ago

Defending? Complaints about a service that costs $4 a month, expecting AAA games? LOL... my bad for being rational with my expectations from said service. I'm paying for online, and i happen to get a few games a month.

Instead of being thankful, we should all complain and whine like ungrateful children that our $4 investment doesn't yield the results it the $60 AAA games that I demand.

LOL... sad. I don't defend Sony blindly, but this issue is a joke when people QQ about games they're being given. "I DEMAND BETTER GAMES FOR MY $4 A MONTH SONY!!!"...get over yourselves.

Wedge191624d ago

Plus = $50 per year.
6 free games x 12 months = 72 games
1 AAA new release = $60
Even 2 or 3 AAA games, or even really good games, per year (which we do actually get, despite the popular belief that Plus is all "indies") is far more value than what your paying for, and that's only if you include the games and not the online service being paid for.
It's really quite simple math.

Spotie1624d ago

And no matter what, there will still be people like you attacking from a position of willful ignorance.

You give a perfect example of what the article speaks of: generalizing indies. In your eyes, the indies are already garbage. You don't even know what they are, but you know they suck. And anybody who disputes that gross generalization is just a blind Sony fanboy to you.

It's truly pathetic.

uth111624d ago

Grow Home isn't even an Indie!

But I agree, funny how so many people know games are "junk" without even bothering to try them.

I at least download all the PS+ games and try them. I delete many, but there are good ones there I wouldn't have played otherwise

uth111624d ago

Somebody at Steam doesn't understand what Indie means.

Grow Home was developed and published by Ubisoft, not an independent developer or publisher

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