Rainbow 6 Siege Preview – Hands-on Impressive Multiplayer (UpItHQ)

Getting a Rainbow 6 Siege preview is a gamers dream come true. This immersive experience was captivating in a very unique way. The Rainbow 6 preview allowed hands-on time with the games impressive multiplayer mode. As you can probably tell from watching some of the amazing videos released of the game, this title is fast-paced, impressive and requires more than a quick trigger finger for success.

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DirtyPete1791d ago

This game looks pretty good. I think it has a real draw to it but don't know if it will catch on over COD or anything

cfc781791d ago

"Requires more than a quick trigger finger for success"

Sounds better than COD already.

Rob Hornecker1790d ago

Yea,like teamwork and communication. Both of which you hardly ever see in a CoD game. As a big fan of the series I'm looking forward to this game!

Saijahn1791d ago

So many competitive shooters releasing this year it's nice to have a tactical based shooter. Still waiting on single player info and terror hunt.

jmc88881791d ago

The Alpha was great. Pre-ordered, can't wait for the beta and finally release.

The PC version ran great, but I'm getting the PS4 version.

One of the things I loved about the Alpha was you had to watch people coming in from everywhere, or vice versa. Windows, weak points above, blowing up the walls.

You could also purposefully shoot out part of the wall to create your own personal murder hole in the wall.

Good gadgets and equipment, and I can't wait to see the likely unlocks to all the different loadouts.

Battlefront, this, and Metal Gear Online. We'll see if I get around to buying CoD... after all I can always play last years until it hits $30 or so. But PvZ: Garden Warfare 2 comes out early next year too.

Good problem to have.

DaMann221790d ago

Looking better and better. I'm going to preorder next month and jump in with my Quantum Dawn Gaming ( guys. We are recruiting all game-styles if you would like to join.