Top 5 Most Overrated Madden NFL 16 Team Ratings

Let's break down the 5 most overrated teams in Madden NFL 16 prior to its launch later this month based on their preseason ratings.

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1621d ago Replies(2)
idsanty1621d ago

Anyone remember when the Dolphins mattered and then Dan Marino opened up a bunch of restaurants

EdMcGlone1621d ago

Then the events of Ace Ventura happened.

gamesismylife091621d ago

I'll pass on this game. It'll be free in the vault by march, so I'll just download it by then.

FullmetalRoyale1621d ago

Just in time for football season! /s

Anyway I think I'll get this Madden as I haven't played one in a very long time. I'll be buying that sucker physically so I can trade it in down the road. Who is buying an annual sports game digitally? Seems very short sighted to me.

gamesismylife091621d ago

Except with EA Access I'm not actually buying this game, I'm buying about 11 to 12 games that come with the vault. Madden simply isn't good enough anymore for me to spend 60 bucks on it. Until they improve the physics, make it more of a football sim, addd features and presentation 2k had a decade ago I'm just going to wait.

InTheZoneAC1621d ago

have fun waiting a year for a game to possibly not release on the vault

did madden 15 even come out on the vault?

gamesismylife091621d ago

Yes Madden 15 has been in the vault for months now. It was added early this year. This will probably get added there in march or April.

sactownlawyer9161621d ago

Sadly my 9ers are gonna be garbage this year.

InTheZoneAC1620d ago

I probably can't even name more than 3 49ers at this point

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