GRIN's Woolfe, a Kickstarter Cautionary Tale for Developers & Backers

Marcus Estrada writes: "What does this mean for the over 2,000 backers of the project? Well, hopefully you received a digital game key if you backed at such a reward, as that appears it’s all you will have to remember the campaign by. GRIN confirmed they will not be able to ship out rewards even though most are otherwise ready to go. Postage is a huge expense which it seems was not collected as part of the Kickstarter. Tons of crowdfunding campaigns have found themselves destroyed by physical rewards."

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Chanogram1786d ago

Kickstarter is VERY clear when you fund something that there is no guarantees. In this case, the company made a clear effort to deliver, but in the end, failed. I was someone who invested, and it sucks, but I knew it was a possibility.

If the idea of possibly NOT getting anything for you money worries you, then you should stay away from crowd-funding and buy the games when they officially release. For every game like this, there are a few that make it and turn out well though.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1786d ago

Sad to see this kind of thing happen. Did the game score well?

mkis0071786d ago

I almost backed this one...Just forgot about it until it had closed.