Mafia 3’s Move To Sixties New Orleans Is Risky But Potentially Rewarding | RPS


"The Mafia 3 presentation at Gamescom felt very much like an attempt to hammer home several important changes to the series rather than an accurate representation of the minute-by-minute experience of playing. Given that this was the first public showing of the game, which probably won’t see release until the second half of 2016, that’s to be expected. The vertical slice shown had a lot to cover: a new city, a new time period, a new protagonist, and a new take on open world criminal conquest. Perhaps it’s understandable that the “new” was hammered home with all the subtlety of a blow from Mjolnir, but it’s fair to say that the road to New Orleans looks rather treacherous."

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theXtReMe11620d ago

Im kind of torn. It sounds like it could be a cool change of pace, being New Orleans, but the city isnt really all that interesting. I would have much rather seen a New Jersey/ New York combo, Detroit, Vegas(which was really coming into its own in the 60s) or a fully realized Hollywood that mimicked its goings ons at the time. With a new generation of hardware, the developers have the ability to add moments in time that mimick day and date occurrences. We could be riding along and realize that November 16th(totally fictional, but used for example) was the premier of a Marilyn Monroe movie and if we ride by the theater, we could see her get out of the limo and walk the red carpet or a moment in history where someone gets shot or a baseball team wins the world series(in a game that we could watch from start to finish, that mimicks what fans saw there that day).

I guess, what Im trying to say is that I want to see games take that step to mimick reality in history. Be able to take us to JFKs assasination and see what people saw, feel what people felt... Be able to change that history in some way. Games like this take us back, but they dont allow us to be a part of the true history of the time. Always in an alternative universe that none of our true history happened in. Either lazy development or lack of funds to license likenesses of some of history's most notorious figures, which Im guessing is the case. Let us take part in times before our own, get to experience what our mothers and grandmothers did at the time.

Its been a pipe dream of mine since I started playing games as a child. And, even with the power of todays machines... We still havent really seen it happen in any significant way. As the article said, the game looks interesting... but not much different from what has come before. Hopefully it was just the crunch in presentation, trying to fit it all in to show much of what the game has to offer. Without the chance to go into specifics for each of its mechanics. Otherwise, I may pass on it... as Ive never really cared for New Orleans, as a place to locate a game in. Id much rather see a city games have already covered, but with more life and those historical occurrences I mentioned above. Fully realize what couldnt have been done the generation before and give gamers the ability to witness and change the great history that made and shaped this country or any other.

thricetold1619d ago

Ugh, new york is SO overdone and i for one am glad they chose a different backdrop.

jb2271619d ago

I think seeing New Orleans for only the second or third time in an open world game is a much more enticing prospect than seeing New York/Jersey for the thousandth. There's not much beyond urban sprawl available for settings like NYC & Detroit (although Vegas is a pretty great idea that would be cool for future installments), but New Orleans could encompass the surrounding swamplands, large bodies of water, interesting & unique downtown elements, as well as landmarks like the above ground burial plots (forgot what they are called) and unique elements like voodoo & witchcraft stuff. New Orleans is a really cool space that hasn't been explored nearly as much as NYC

Shineon1620d ago

Can't wait see this game for myself,New Orleans is an interesting place

DougLord1619d ago

You can't just keep making the same game over and over.

I hope they bring in the whole vudu and witchcraft vibe. Maybe a bit of Gabriel Knight and a bit True Blood.

Epicor1619d ago

I dig New Orleans and the 60s. But rest I'm not convinced yet. The characters look a bit dull and the gameplay so far has left a lot of room for improvements.

1619d ago
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