Grip, the spiritual successor to Rollcage, takes to Kickstarter on PS4 and PC

Grip, the Rollcage spiritual successor we reported on last month, has launched a Kickstarter.

Developer Caged Element asks for $657,000 Canadian dollars (around £322,000), and, if its crowdfunder is successful, will develop versions of the futuristic combat racer for both PC and PlayStation 4.

For Grip, Caged Element is channelling fondness for Rollcage, the 1999 Psygnosis-published PSone arcade racer.

The footage in the video, below, is the work of just two developers: Chris Mallinson and Robert Baker. Baker worked on the original Rollcage games at Attention to Detail. The pair have been working on a Grip prototype for the best part of 2015 in the hope Kickstarter money will fuel full development. Expect plenty of drum and bass.

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ritchi451619d ago

Looks very good. Backed already :) hope it gets fully funded

SaveFerris1619d ago

Alas, I cannot afford to back this right now but I do hope the kickstarter is successful.