Mortal Kombat X’s Maskless Kombatants Look Ridiculous

Mortal Kombat X modders display an array of faces only a mother could love.

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Jmanzare1625d ago

What's the point of even giving them a detailed face if they have a mask?

Nerdmaster1625d ago

To sell the option to remove the masks as DLC.

Lon3wolf1625d ago

So you are paying to take stuff away, my god have these company's no shame at all?


ZombieKiller1624d ago

The masks come off for effect. Jason throws his off for the win pose. Scorpion slices faces off and the masks come off during the kill. That's cool too see them without masks!

dead_pixels1625d ago

There isn't one, really. But it doesn't change the fact they look like they belong in the roster of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Showdown: Tournament Fighters.

Chaosdreams1625d ago

Who expected beautiful shining teeth and a dashing moustache? I didn't.

nevin11625d ago

I thought there was suppose to be a PS3/360 version of MK10?

Skate-AK1625d ago

There is. It is going through its 2nd delay.

1625d ago
TeamLeaptrade1624d ago

They all look nearly identical face wise, but that's sort of to be expected when they probably weren't going to take the masks off anyways. Cool idea though.

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The story is too old to be commented.