Scalebound: Platinum Action With Deep RPG Systems


"Traditionally, Platinum Games has been in the business of comically over-the-top action, the knuckle-breaking, hand-cramping, every-sliver-of-a-second-count s kind. It’s good business, too; Platinum has built such a strong portfolio in the last several years it’s become something of an ‘action whisperer’ for publishers looking to reinvigorate their franchises."

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christocolus1619d ago

"Skill points can also be gained outside of combat. Scalebound is built around the relationship between Drew and Thuban, so you will be rewarded for taking care of that relationship. “If you heal your dragon, or execute other supportive role-type actions, you’ll be able to earn skill points,” says Kamiya. “By motivating the player to participate in actions and behaviours that are meaningful, it will… help you progress further”.

Nice. This game just keeps getting better and better.

gangsta_red1619d ago

Sounds really good.

Very curious to see how big this world is and how 4 players all with dragons will fit in it.

christocolus1619d ago

I hope it turns out great. Click the link below at 2.41 there's a little bit of the the 4 player co-op in action.

Rookie_Monster1619d ago

Sounds like a system similar to a lot of RPGS I used to play when the genre was at its peak.

Love that MS and Platinum decided to tackle on a different genre other than the crazy action and combat system games that Platinum are known for...but since it is a Platinum game, those crazy action combat system looks like it is there as well. Really looking forward to this game.

christocolus1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

yup. It has that unique platinum feel to it and the concept art looks amazing.

"Kamiya was keen to stress that although these RPG elements are indeed a departure for the studio, it doesn’t mean he’s neglecting the slick, frantic action Platinum is known for."

AngelicIceDiamond1619d ago

Man I can't wait for this. This is the sorta game I been waiting for.

OpieWinston1619d ago

Draconis = Pandora = Avatar = Biggest movie Box Office ever

Platinum = Critically Acclaimed Action

Scalebound = Dragons + Platinum + Draconis

Thank god for IGN First. The details are going to keep me fat for the next 10 months. Scalebound needs the right marketing campaign. It's got all the checks on the list to be huge.

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spicelicka1619d ago

This game looks insane! 4 player freakin co-op! With 4 dragons! It's going to be madness.

Repjaws1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Unless I can fly dragons and name my dragon "IShouldaListenedToMom&qu ot; .I'm not interested

proudxgamer1619d ago

I think Recore will be the game to go against Horizon...

Either way...MS please keep coming up with better/refreshing adventure IPs

StrayaKNT1619d ago

I agree I think Scalebound will be in a league of its own. I really want to see some recore gameplay the trailer was crazy.

MSBAUSTX1619d ago

This game looks sick and I cant wait for it to release. Day one for me. Its Platinum Games. They print money man. Whats not to love. Keep it coming MS. Make my wallet cringe because I love it.

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