Mario Memories: Being Taken To A New World In Super Mario Galaxy

I've confessed in the past, and will do so again - I've played a lot of catch-up in becoming a dedicated Nintendo fan. Growing up in the late '80s I had a ZX Spectrum (a UK system rather like a Commodore), then a SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis, a PC and then a Nintendo 64. Though I've explored retro libraries a great deal since, when growing up we were a PC and one console family (no Game Boy, either), and I was a SEGA kid during the infamous Bit Wars.

I adored the Nintendo 64, but there was a problem - it belonged to my older brother and he then went to University. As there was a rather beefy PC in the house that was my focus - the perils of Championship Manager and Tie Fighter - and I skipped the GameCube generation too. Yep, I'm a fraud.

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Maybay1629d ago

The Mario Galaxy series is incredible. It amazes how the game looks so good. The controls are great, the music is inspiring, and the replay value is just enough.

Nintendo should use the SMG titles as an example of developer excellence their company should strive for, when delving games.