20 Xbox games will be playable for the first time before PAX Prime

Xbox had a pretty sizeable showcase at Gamescom, but it looks as though the [email protected] department didn't quite show it's full hand in Germany. Or even half of its hand, maybe, given this tweet from Microsoft's in-house self-publishing programme:

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ScorpiusX1622d ago

Sweet bring them [email protected] games am ready to support.

TeamLeaptrade1622d ago

Glad to hear about more games. It really makes me happy to see a ton of games coming out so soon.

lemoncake1622d ago

Xbox one getting a good balanced mix of indie and AAA games.

XanderZane1622d ago

Yes, it definitely seem that way. Just keep bringing them. What I can't get to this holiday, I will surely check out for the with half of next year. I don't think there will be any shortages in 2016.

Spid3r61622d ago

We are going to get hit with a ton of games this Holiday season all the way to next holiday..I will need years off from work to accommodate everything I want to play.