Noir horror Dollhouse coming to PS4

Dollhouse, a noir-style “self-driven horror” game from independent studio Creazn, will come to PlayStation 4 in addition to its previously announced PC, Mac, and Linux platforms in early 2016, publisher Soedesco announced.

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slinky1234561622d ago

This looks really great. The dark narrative seems to be just the type I like.

lipton1011622d ago

AWESOME!!! I can dig more horror games. So far they've been amazing this gen. PT, Outlast, Evil Within, Alien Isolation (poop your pants terrifying), and now Soma, Until Dawn and Dollhouse! I love horror games - benign massochism to the extreme. The more the better.

axerated1622d ago

I still haven't finished Isolation despite thinking it's amazing. I can't stomach playing it for long enough and since buying the Sony headset 2.0 it's just become unplayable effing terrifying! I'm such a wuss...

axerated1622d ago

Well intrigued by this, like the style they're going for.

1622d ago
OhMyGandhi1622d ago

sounds really ambitious.
But am I the only one that can't figure out what the hell is going on, or what the game actually looks like? it seems like a dozen art styles meshing together.

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