Nintendo shows off new sound effect features in Super Mario Maker

Nintendo has released a new 'Let's Watch!' video summarising some new features in Super Mario Maker ahead of its European on the 11th of September.

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OldDanNew1620d ago

It's not been seen, but you never know. I hope there are more surprises to come.

lizard812881620d ago

I have noticed with the link amiibo, that you can use his sword. I expect a ton of Mega Man levels, which is fine by me.

thepatientgamer1620d ago

I'm actually pretty pumped for this game. Super Mario Bros. 3 levels? Are you kidding me? This is going to be awesome.

Wonder_Punk1620d ago

Wow, that's kind of surprising they would allow you to make sound effects with your own voice considering all the inappropriate ways it could be used. It's nice to see them being more lenient about something like that.

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The story is too old to be commented.