343 Industries talks unique HUDs for Halo 5 campaign characters on Xbox One

Creating a first-person shooter and having multiple characters for players to choose from does present a certain set of problems that, say a third-person shooter doesn't have to face. Among these things are how players can decipher between one character versus another, ergo the first-person shooter problem.

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psychosmurf1011624d ago

As a guy who has read the halo book back when I was young, I'm so happy that Blue Team is finally in a halo game AND the fact that 343 did't let their special attributes slide. Kellys speed, Lindas freakish sniping skills, I've been waiting for this moment since I read the original trilogy 10 years ago. The only thing I'm waiting for now is the classic two finger "smile" gesture across the visor. Then I'm in fanboy heaven.

Sureshot1624d ago

Yea that's sweet! I'm hoping for some flashbacks from the training days of blue team. Like Locke looking though Johns files and each entry could be a backstory mission before actual missions.. Would love to play that rocket deflection moment from the books!

TheHaloGuy1624d ago

Blue Team is easily the most jizz worthy thing in Halo 5. That and the hunter bitch slap in the DF vid.

spicelicka1623d ago

I'm reading through the books now, man the Halo universe is so deep and amazing!!

Hayabusa 1171623d ago

I'm all for trying to resurrect Halo Reach via Blue Team, but custom HUB's for each campaign character? Is this seriously how your going to drum up excitement for your game 343?

The games is a couple of months away what are they doing to hype their game? "Custom HUBS!"...I mean for Christ's sake, you'd at least hope they were talking about "customizing your own hub" but no, it's just different contours and colours depending on who your controlling in the campaign.

I'm looking forward to this game but geez 343, just shut up and make the damn thing run on framerate like you promised.

Rant Over

psychosmurf1011623d ago

Theres a new video after gamescom with recent gamepley with the frames locked at 60. It's gorgeous.